What To Watch: 08/12/2021

Since it’s a show that takes it’s name from (a part of) a city so nice they named it twice, and we love this comedy to that level, we figured we’d review Mike Schur and Andy Samberg’s cop show twice in our little daily round-up as it heads into its long-awaited eighth (and final) season. If you really love B99, don’t forget to vote for it in the Sweet Sixteen of our Comedy “March” Madness happening this week. By the way, another show still standing among our final 16 is 30 Rock which just popped back on Netflix if you’re looking for a binge distraction. As for today, we’ve also got gigantic superheroes, assistants to space heroes, and the true crime program of the day.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 8p]
It feels like just when I start to figure out the captain’s facial expressions, it’s time to say goodbye. Where else am I going to get two Latina leads in a major network comedy? Where else will there be great nicknames? And Jake’s office antics? This season will wrap up ongoing storylines like Captain Holt’s journey to becoming commissioner, Amy’s goal of being the youngest precinct captain and dealing with new motherhood. Maybe another visit from Doug Judy? Or my fave, Cheddar? Whatever is in store I’m happy this show got the chance to bow out on their own terms. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [NBC, 8p]
Back for it’s final season (for real this time, no take backs). Buckle up and get ready for one hell of a  farewell tour, I expect to laugh-cry through the whole thing. 

Titans [HBO Max]
The DC series returns for season 3. From what we have seen on trailers Jason Todd will be come the Red Hood and Barbara Gordon makes her debut (as Oracle and not Batgirl). Plus Starfire is going to have to deal with her sister Blackfire. One of the shows strengths is that manages to balance a lot of characters and plot points pretty well. Looks like this season will be no different.

Star Trek: Lower Decks [Paramount+]
This simple premise of an animated show following the various red shirts, the grunts who keep the U.S.S. Enterprise running behind-the-scenes turned out to be an enjoyable, if not game-changing, watch. I’ve got to admit that I am more excited than I should be about its return. 

The Hunt for a Killer [Sundance Now]
This crime drama follows the 1989 search for 10-year-old Helén Nilsson in Sweden and the 2004 conviction of her killer, Ulf Olsson. I usually take a pass on murdered children but the cinematography here is beautiful. There also appears to be promise of something we love at Screen Scholars: a strong, independent woman who is competent at her job and brings a killer to justice.


  • The phrase “defund the police” has been twisted to the point that even Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are voting to ban the uttering of the idea. However, the trailer for Homeroom–a new Hulu docu-series that explores an Oakland school district and its relation to the cops–expresses the concept fairly cleanly. “Defunding the police” does not mean abolishing the police or even cutting their pay, but redirecting some of the excess money so instead of going to intimidating tanks to instill fear in the youth, it goes for programs that actually benefit the children’s growth. In any case, the buzz around the show is great.
  • Continuing on the documentary woke-a-rama, Vice begins Hear Me Out tonight which gathers opinions from a unique group of influencers ranging from champion drag queen Trixie Mattel to BLM co-founder Alicia Garza to philanthropic celebrity chef Jose Andres. While Vice can be critiqued for a certain sort of overly hip gonzo style (and one of its founders did go full-White Nationalist), lately they’ve been one of the best, most provocative news sources–right up there with Teen Vogue, a comparison which must seem like a joke to anyone who’s reading this after awakening from a 10-year-coma. If so, we would also wonder about your caretakers if this is the first thing you are reading.
  • On a lighter note–a much lighter note (and in many ways)–USA is hosting a Chrisleyfest as both Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley return for new seasons, the number next to the word “season” for both of them would probably shock and depress us.
  • Andy Cohen has apparently exhausted all the Real Housewives and other reality stars to interview on post-shows and has moved on to critiquing non-celebrities. On Ex Rated, Cohen hosts a group of people who share one thing–a similar lover from the past–and dish the dirt on their rando ex. The mess, we mean fun is on Peacock.
  • A more promising new reality show comes from HBO Max in the form of The Hype–a sort of Project Runway for streetwear as ten urban designers compete to be the first season’s winner.
  • WE tv tries to bite a chunk out of Reelz’ new design with the provocative “last moments” documentary questioning the demise of NWA frontman Eazy-E in The Mysterious Death of Eazy-E. Officially, he died of AIDS (and that’s what happened), but many, including his own daughter, don’t trust the diagnosis.
  • Shudder’s latest frightfest is the fourth installment in David Cronenberg’s Slasher series. In this one, the legendary goremaster director is in front of the camera instead of behind as in Slasher: Flesh & Blood stakes a wealthy clan against one another while a mysterious killer lurks in the background to pick them off, one-by-one.
  • Remember The Killing? Vaguely? It was that dark, brooding murder mystery that everyone was talking about in, let’s say 2011, before, oh The Missing, oh, or perhaps The Following caught their fancy. In any case, it was based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen whose three seasons are just coming out stateside on Topic, yet another station to remember exists.
  • Comedian Ms. Pat literally used comedy as an escape–and tells some darkly hilarious stories from her time as a teenage drug-runner. If anyone deserves a nice sitcom with her name on it, she does, and so it shall be with The Ms. Pat Show debuting on BET+ starring the 49-year-old comedian as the matriarch of a family who uproots from (the star’s hometown) Atlanta to the very white Plainfield, Indiana.

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