About Screen Scholars


In 1992, Bruce Springsteen sang about 57 channels without a single thing on them. Nearly a quarter-century later, when even New Jersey’s own Boss calls the idea of 57 seeming vast “quaint,” a viewer can still get that adrift feeling when scrolling up and down the now thousands of channels, or dipping in and out of the dozens of on-demand streaming choices.

This paralysis is certainly not from a lack of programming worth watching; ho, these past few years of tv viewing have been alluded to as a Golden Age from Alan Sepinwall to right-wing shock site Breitbart.com. While we’ll refrain from calling out choice’s currently chic paradox, it can often be hard, even intimidating wandering through the on-screen guide and other pages through all the brilliantly scripted or darkly comedic or whimsically inspiring shows to find the one you have have have to watch. And this is not to mention the anxiety stemming from possibly missing that one transforming show which you need to tell everyone about.

We at Screen Scholars, as boundless fans of tv, movies — well, all forms of entertainment, really — wish to ease that pain. We peered across the endless plains of the webiverse and noticed a distinct lack of TV-based blogs (and an even deeper lack of sarcasm). No, mostly, we are human watercoolers who love this stuff and want to tell you about treasures we’ve found lately and get you to your new favorite thing (and vice versa).

So, it’s unclear at this point where this might go, but we do plan to offer suggestions for each night from all of our talented editors for the best things on basic cable, channels which claim they are not tv, streaming sites, and beyond. Furthermore, we hope to dig deeper into the nerdy minutia, as well as the grander themes and threads, which compel us to fall in love with the programs we do — be this in the form of lists, essays, or silly ratings.

In any case, we hope you enjoy what you find here as we all collectively keep our feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

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