What To Watch: 08/11/2021

It’s a big day for fans of fantastical stories as debuting on streaming today are both a collection of quirky superhero re-imaginations and a new documentary chronicling an incredible memoir about an unlikely manner of Holocaust survival that turned out to be entirely untrue. We also see the return of two of MTV’s tentpoles and that Archie & Jughead Murder Program returns.

Misha and the Wolves [Netflix]
Tonight’s Netflix doc unravels the literary hoax behind Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years by Misha Defonseca, who claimed a pack of wolves adopted and protected her during the Holocaust. Monique de Wael admitted to the fabrication in 2008.

What If…? [Disney+]
Now with the first season of Loki in the rearview the concept of alternate time lines is common knowledge. Now with this fun concept we get explore what could happen in those alternate universes. It is an animated show, but actors are returning to voice the characters they made icons. First up – what if Peggy Carter became Captain America? Sounds fun doesn’t it?

The Challenge [MTV, 8p]
My number one pandemic obsession is back for another season! This season there are fierce competitors from all over the world. The vets will have to form a strong alliance to avoid being outnumbered. Will they be able to put aside their past grievances for the good of the game? 


  • Lines like “the bad guys pay better” and “I don’t want this scumbag arrested, I want him hurt” fly around and you’re reminded once again that this CW reboot is not your grandfather’s Archie. Riverdale is back mid-season five and none of our dark noir anti-heroes are particularly happy, but do they even know why anymore.
  • Cakes and upbeat messages abound as baker Christina Tosi has collected four of her most eccentric (and talented) culinary pals for a weekly battle to present the cake (or cake-like confectionary) at a grand event. It’s Bake Squad, it’s on Netflix, so just point our scholarly eyes at the TV for an hour of reality competition meets food porn.
  • Money Court may seem like it was named by a five-year-old, but trust us, this new CNBC show starring Kevin O’Leary does not sound nearly that fun. It stars a 67-year-old man who likes to refer to himself as “Mr. Wonderful” judging people for their financial misdeeds.
  • For fans of disused stripper poles in living rooms, you’ll be happy to know that the premier show for fake opulance, MTV’s Cribs is back and presenting guided tours from rappers and B-list actors. We will admit the show got interesting when someone like Redman would tweak the concept and show real life.
  • Whitney Houston’s ending was as irredeemably tragic as her talent was immense and her pop music success was massive; so as much as we love her, it’s hard to get excited for the first episode of Superstar, a weekly anthology of bio’s that debuts by tracking the life and death of the singer/actress who died at 48 after a tumultuous life.
  • To say Netflix’s The Kissing Booth 3‘s 20% Rotten Tomatoes ranking signals the decline of a franchise would be a bit off base given it’s actually three percentage points better than the original. In any case, Joey King has been able to ride this unlikely series to the bank, so good for her.

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