What To Watch: 08/13/2021

It’s Streaming Friday once more and that’s where pretty much all the action is tonight–at least every one of our covered shows is newly available there. So many great casts and look out for Aparna Nancherla in so so many of them, but we’re certainly not saying that like it’s a bad thing. We’ll start off with the latest intriguing YA thriller mini-series on the king of all streamers, Netflix.

Brand New Cherry Flavor [Netflix]
Set in 1990s Los Angeles, this limited series stars Rosa Salazar, Catherine Keener, Eric Lange, Jeff Ward, and our boyfriend Manny Jacinto. Netflix promises a “hallucinatory rabbit hole” and revenge fantasy as a woman attempts to get her movie made in Hollywood.

Valeria [Netflix]
Ah, my escape to Madrid is back! The cliffhanger of season one left us with our protagonist ending her marriage and at a crossroads with her book. Looking forward to seeing whether or not Valeria will publish her book under the harsh stipulations given, and will she run off with Victor afterall? Either way, she’s got her soulmate friends to lean on. 

CODA [Apple TV+]
A girl with deaf parents wants to be a singer. Ruby has been bullied for taking funny but her experiences in the school choir my help her find her purpose. This flick has a pretty big buzz. Now it’s time to find out why when it hits Apple TV+. Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin costars.

The L Word: Generation Q [Showtime]
Last week was A LOT. Sophie and Dani’s wedding was interrupted by the arrival of Finley who walked straight up to the altar to declare her love for Sophie and tell her not to get married. Is interrupting a wedding kind of cliche? Maybe. Did it still have me yelling at full volume? Definitely yes.This week we deal with the aftermath of the break up. Available for streaming today and airing live on Showtime Sunday at 10p. 


  • Modern Love, while we’re never going to fall for it, it does get us to the church on time. It’s also the name of the Amazon Prime series based on a NY Times series that’s settling into its second season with a fantastic cast including Anna Paquin, Aparna Nancherla, Minnie Driver, Kit Harington, etc.
  • A mean round-up writer might say that The CW’s Masters of Illusion‘s greatest triumph is that it’s somehow still on or that it keeps Dean Cain relevant. That is all. It returns for its 11th or 8th season depending how you count it.
  • In addition to Valeria, Netflix brings two new imported shows. Gone For Good is a French adaptation of a Harlan Coben novel about a man facing a similar tragedy to the one which brought him to the brink 10 years earlier (yup, that sounds like Coben). Kingdom: Ashin of the North is a spinoff of a South Korean thriller Kingdom and takes place mostly in the woods, it would seem.
  • While its early reviews are tepid, the new Netflix movie Beckett does star the ever-appealing John David Washington in an always fun thriller plot of a seemingly random person caught up in political intrigue, in this case in Greece.
  • The Roku Channel continues to clean up Quibi’s mess–and put some decent shows on a format where they are more likely to be watched on the off-chance an intrepid Roku user finds them. Today, it adds the two game shows, Eye Candy and Squeaky Clean. The theme for the two seems to be a germophobe and the friend who laughs at them creating ridiculous premises with likeable celebrities. The former dares people to put their mouths on random items, some edible, and is hosted by Josh Groban and features a fun mix of celebrities like Aparna Nancherla (she’s everywhere) and Bridget Everett. The latter sees Leslie Jordan as host of a game that pits three neat freak contestants against one another to see who can best clean a grimy space. Other shows added the Kristen Bell gives away money reality show Thanks a Million, and a docu-series that shines a light on moviemaker assaults What Happens in Hollywood.
  • We’re not sure if it happened today, but co-creator John Lutz just tweeted that it’s there, another show to move to Roku today is the Emmy-nominated Mapleworth Murders, a treat created by Lutz and Paula Pell–and featuring them and many huge guest stars (most of their SNL pals drop by at one point)–that should delight fans of Murder, She Wrote, Poirot and the like. It should also make you laugh even if you are unfamiliar with that certain brand of whodunit?

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