Month: March 2017

Weekend Box Office: Friday, March 3, 2017

Get Out was last weekend’s big box office winner with $4.12 million. It damn well should. Get Out is a horror film about race issues and rated R. Hollywood, now’s a good time to recognize audiences beyond young, white men.

Donald Cried is a comedy about a man who encounters his childhood best friend and finds himself on an adventure after one good turn.

Catfight stars Anne Heche and Sandra Oh as two former friends who let themselves fall into an all-out brawl when they cross paths at a glitzy party and find their fortunes swapped as a result. Also available VOD.

Headshot is an action film about a man who washes ashore with no memory and a head injury. He eventually remembers and continues his path of violent revenge.

Before I Fall is a drama based on the popular teen book. A stuck up teen is forced to relive the last day of her life, Groundhog Day style, to figure up where everything went wrong.

Wolves is a drama about a teenager struggling to cope with the stresses of life. While he is being recruited by Cornell his father (Michael Shannon) gambles away his college fund and his family’s money. Also available on VOD.

The Freedom to Marry is a documentary about the fight for marriage equality.

My Scientology Movie is a comedy written by and starring Louis Theroux. When Scientology would let him make a documentary, he hires actors to reenact key moments of the religion’s history. He is aided by Mark Rathburn.

Lavender stars Abbie Cornish as a photographer whose work reveals that she may have murdered family members she didn’t even know she had!

The Women’s Balcony is a comedy about “a group of women struggle to reunite their community and preserve their traditions in the face of a charismatic rabbi who enters their lives and captivate the men.”

Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai is about a “Bollywood with universal issues.”

Commando 2 is an Indian action film. It is the sequel to 2013’s Commando.

Junction 48 is a drama about a man who finds purpose when he arises toward fame as the “first” Arabic rapper.

Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter is a documentary about the burlesque new wave.

Love & Taxes is a pro-tax comedy about a monologist’s success in life after he does his taxes.

Logan is the latest installment in the Wolverine movies. Hugh Jackman stars.

The Shack is a drama starring Octavia Spencer, for reasons I simply can not fathom. Maybe because it’s hard to get roles as a person of color even after you win a damn Oscar.

A year after its initial release, Table 19 is again hitting theaters.