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What To Watch: 09/19/2022

It’s a busy day for popular shows–including two tentpole reality competitions returning along with one of the perennially most watched detective franchises. However, we’re leading with the reboot of a show that famously struggled to find its audience, but had no problem garnering a huge cult following who can quote it to this day. Perhaps its next leap will be the leap into huge ratings.

Quantum Leap [NBC, 10p]
I loved the original Scott Bakula version of this show from its first pilot–it had me with his first stunned stare into the mirror upon seeing a person he did not recognize. Raymond Lee takes over the frazzled time traveler who jumps into the bodies of people who during his lifespan made a fatal mistake as he, as ths show puts it, makes right what once went wrong. Presumably, he’s still hoping the next leap will be the leap home. RIP Dean Stockwell.

The Cleaning Lady [Fox, 9p]
Despite its horrible name, this crime thriller turned out to be the rarest of things these days–a big network drama that sucked me in. Now we can see the continuation in season two. I admit that I have my concerns–the first season was such the self-contained story in a way–so I hope the plot doesn’t feel shoehorned in to a far-fetched story. What I do know is that, as of now, I am here for it!

Queer for Fear [Shudder]
This four-part documentary series examines the history of the LGBTQ+ community in horror and thriller films. Acknowledging queer authors (Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde), and their influence, through today’s films and queer audiences.


  • The delightfully pun-happy named Best in Dough takes the usual food competition to the world of pizza. Mmmmmm…. pizza! We’re too hungry now to tell you it debuts today on Hulu.
  • This week the NFL put a game on streaming and non-tech-savvy fans were rioting. We’re pretty sure Dancing with the Stars does not have a demographic that will have that much better luck, but we’ll see as season 31 finds the beloved dance competition on Disney+ instead of ABC. This season’s celebrities run the gamut from 70s sex symbol Cheryl Ladd to frequent Rupaul’s Drag Race competitor Shangela to improv man of all seasons Wayne Brady.
  • The other titan of arts-based talent competitions returning tonight (and staying on good ‘ol non-streaming TV) is that cavalcade of heaty pipes and swivelling chairs, The Voice on NBC. This year’s new coach is one-time Fifth Harmonizer and Havana enthusiast Camila Cabello.