What To Watch: 09/22/2021

The Fall Sweeps continue surprisingly strong as we hear from the Chicago contingent (is Chicago Party Aunt in that same universe) and many of the classic reality competitions–along with a new one for the social media age. Here’s our choices for this Wednesday’s night of TV viewing.

Jaguar [Netflix]
This Spanish-language drama series follows a Holocaust survivor who “joins a group of self-trained spies” hunting fleeing Nazis in 1960s Spain.

Star Wars: Visions [Disney+]
There have been plenty of fan made Star Wars anime, but now the “real thing” is here. Star Wars Visions is a collection of animated shorts taking place in the Star Wars universe told through the eyes of the world’s best anime studios. The premise sells itself people. One thing about Disney using the property is that Star Wars has never been more expansive in its story telling.

The Wonder Years [ABC, 8:30p]
I didn’t know it at the time and neither did Katherine nor Brad, but at this moment in time, a reboot of the classic nostalgia show from the 1980s would turn out to change television forever. We’ll see if that’s what our Daniel Stern-esque (or in this case, Don Cheadle-esque) narrator says in ten years, but I’ll admit I’m more than curious to see how this reimagination of a classic works out.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies [MTV, 8p]
Last week the challengers were strapped to the roof of a drift car doing donuts while they attempted to solve a code. There were a few teams that pulled ahead, but ultimately Kaycee and Emanuel pulled off the win. Josh and Fessy are still fighting, but things took a turn for the worse when Esther got into it with Amber. Drinks were thrown and credits pulled up, leaving us waiting until tonight to see how the drama unfolds! It feels like it’s been a while since someone was sent home for fighting, is tonight the night? 


  • For the fourth season of Dear White People, the Netflix dramatic comedy based on the critically acclaimed 2014 movie, the show is now a musical–because that might as well happen. Not that we hate a good musical here at Screen Scholars (not by a long shot), but the emphasis is on “good” here. Given the quality of this show, it could very well work. Either way, it’s the final season.
  • While we’re still waiting on Chicago Water Dept (c’mon round-up dude, choose one joke), NBC’s reliable Chicago suite returns for new season: Chicago Med for its 7th, Chicago Fire for its 10th, Chicago P.D. for its 9th.
  • Confessions of an Invisible GIrl is the classic awkward kid comes to school and battles the “cool”/”mean” girls trope, but this one’s from Brazil. The trailer for this Netflix import looks somewhat tantalizing.
  • Alter Ego is the basic singing competition except that instead of singing to people with their backs turned, singing in an ungainly and painful-appearing costume, or singing simply on stage to an angry Brit, a goofy former hitmaker, and Randy Jackson, each singer uses their computer-generated avatar. Sure. Why not? You’ve probably already guessed it’s on Fox.
  • As for those singers (celebrities) in painful-appearing costumes, the sixth iteration of The Masked Singer also debuts tonight on Fox. We’re guessing George Wendt, Jesse James, and NFL sack artist Danielle Hunter, but we haven’t seen the costumes nor heard the backstories.
  • We kind of want to fly blind, not knowing what the new YouTube game show #1 Chicken is about and keep whatever we have in our little TV-lovin’ minds in there. We are professionals, so we looked and its hosted by site celebrity FaZe and is essentially a variation on Fear Factor where the person who remains the longest among completing disgusting and distasteful acts is crowned the titular #1 Chicken. First off, do they understand what the insult “chicken” means, because that’s kind of the opposite. Second, we wish we still lived in a world where we believed this show was a fowl-based talent program where the most gifted chick won premium feed. We miss our happy place.
  • The Conners returns for a fourth season tonight on ABC. Roseanne Minus Roseanne attempts a–you know what, three years after Ambien had to explain via tweet that racism isn’t one of its side-effects is probably long enough to stop calling it that even if it rolls off the tongue so verve-ily. Without the polarizing comedian, this is a much better show than the original revival, and arguably as good as the ’80s/’90s classic and deserves respect put on its name. They’re attempting an east-coast/west-coast live show tonight, so that should be fun.
  • Returning network shows tonight also include The Goldbergs, Home Economics, and A Million Little Things on ABC, and Survivor on CBS.

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