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What to Watch: 02/03/2016

Welp, we’re not caught in a time loop, and most celebrity barnyard animals are predicting an early Spring. While everything’s coming up Milhouse, here’s a couple suggestions of what to watch tonight. And, oh yeah, apparently Ice-T’s got no time for Jay Baruchel’s angst.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit [NBC, 9p]
Ok, while the Kitty Genovese tragedy is ripped from the very-not-recent headlines, the fear of bearing true witness to violence is sadly evergreen. Tonight’s SVU uses that as backdrop for what should be a thrilling episode right in the veteran show’s wheelhouse.

Man Seeking Woman [FXX, 10:30p]
I was ready to give up on this season but then last week’s brilliant episode that focused solely on Josh’s sister reeled me back in. Tonight Josh struggles with a major career decision.


  • The second iteration of ABC’s anthology American Crime turned thrillingly last week on a few shocking twists and revelations, and the provocative show remained one of the most captivating (if prone to melodrama) programs on TV, and this week’s episode should continue that.
  • There’s plenty of light comedy tonight, ranging from the charming Younger on TV Land to the pleasant Mike & Molly on CBS to the racist 2 Broke Girls also on CBS.
  • If you crave darker laughs, It’s Always Sunny… sees the gang escape Paddy’s Pub for a home in the suburbs.
  • There’s even more drama tonight as violence creeps inside the hospital while romance blooms on CBS’ new-ish series Code Black. And the usual blue shield machinations abound over on NBC’s Chicago P.D. (I’m holding out til the Windy City Municipal Series collection expands to Chicago Transit Authority)
  • Speaking of drama, they’re still culling the last batch of hopeful singers on American Idol [FOX, where else?]
  • If you want to scream at trees, there’s part 1 of Madoff on ABC at 8 p.m.