The Screen Scholars/GBOAT 1st Annual “March” Madness in Any Month But March Comedy TV Champion Is…

You can probably guess from the image you clicked on that our six-month, 128-show Battle Royale was won by the very show most of us probably thought was going to win… how ironic. The final vote cast last night here on Screen Scholars made the race as tight as it could be; however, while that vote was for the four friends from New York City, their celebration was not to be…

The view from Springfield, USA…

It’s almost hard to believe both shows started in the same season given that one ended over 20 years ago and the other is still going without an end in sight. Whether The Simpsons should have taken down its shingle a long time ago is another discussion for another day; however, its peak era changed television forever, made animated series for all ages viable, popularized “eep” “meh” and “d’oh” (all perfectly cromulant words), and its quotations have become the love language of many Generation Xers and the Millennials. The show’s guest stars have included three Beatles, two Rolling Stones, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Jackson (even if they didn’t say it, you knew it was them), and just about every actor or musician you could think of. Interestingly enough, both shows in the finale have stories about how much of a nightmare of a guest star the brilliant but mercurial actor Lawrence Tierney was, but I digress.

The Simpsons are going to… Disneyland? Legoland? Blockoland? All of the Above? And Seinfeld can rest knowing it came within a vote of being master of its own domain.

Thanks so much to everyone who voted and made this a fun endeavor and look out next April where we might have an even crazier (but hopefully more efficient) TV-based tournament.

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