What To Watch: 09/23/2021

As you can clearly see below, tonight’s TV landscape is robot doctors menacing a Thai woman and the late country singer Kenny Rogers. So read on to have your suspicions confirmed…

Creepshow [Shudder]
It’s back! This horror anthology series on Shudder is The Walking Dead alum Greg Nicatero’s baby. Who knows what creepy crawling nastiness we are in for. I just hope we get to see more Stephen king adaptations! Shudder is worth the price and shows like this one are why.

Bangkok Breaking [Netflix]
This Thai drama follows a man who unravels a citywide conspiracy after he joins an emergency rescue service. 

Kenny Rogers: All in for The Gambler [CBS, 9p]
I’ve never been much of a fan of the country pop of the 1980s & ’90s, but even though the prematurely white bearded Rogers is responsible for inspiring much of that sound, he’s always had a place in my heart. Part of it is just that tracks like “The Gambler,” “Through The Years” and “I Don’t Need You” are just perfectly etched radio tunes, and the other part is he was just so gd likeable. So much so, that I’ll maybe watch a CBS special about the late singer-songwriter.


  • The Brendan Fraser renaissance continues as we begin the third season of the stories of Negativeman, Cyborg, Robot Man & Dorothy (oh, we get it now!). DC’s Doom Patrol returns on HBO Max.
  • Essentially a more deliberately funny RoboCop, the British detective series Code 404 returns for a second season of buddy cop antics where one buddy cop is an AI version of a deceased buddy cop. It’s on Peacock.
  • Peacock goes down a much darker route with The Toolbox Killer, a chronicling of the chilling jailhouse interviews from serial killer Lawrence Bittaker, who with Roy Norris, raped and killed five teenagers on the Pacific Coast Highway in the 1970s.
  • NBC loves its procedural franchise nights, and for the third evening in a row the network unveils multiple season debuts from shows in the same family. In tonight’s case, it’s the ol’ G’s chance to shine. Although the original Law & Order was canceled about a decade ago, its first offspring Law & Order: SVU carries on and its 23rd season debut drops tonight alongside its own spinoff, the Stabler-sporting Law & Order: Organized Crime, now into its second season.
  • Our Lifetime Movie du jour is the stockly titled Secret Life of a Student. Its synopsis gives away that the first apparent threat–a student falsely accusing our lead, teacher Lauren Blois (Rhonda Dent), of statuatory rape–is a red herring. But who is the real menace? A different student? Her own child? Another teacher? The 1986 New York Mets? Society? Spoiler alert: It’s probably one of the first three.

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