What To Watch: 09/20/2021

While in the age of Peak TV, the Fall network line-up has lost a bit of its lustre. And honestly, the Monday launch is pretty basic with an array of procedural tentpoles and forgettable sitcoms around three new shows–one is a spinoff, but the other two have intriguing premises, if not exhilirating trailers.

The Big Leap [Fox, 9p]
A group of diverse, down-on-their-luck characters–one of them is Scott Foley, of course–attempt to turn their lives around in this fall’s uplifting new drama. It looks bad–God Friended Me bad–but the premise, that a bunch of unhappily married middle aged sad sacks can find redemption in a reality dance show inspired by Swan Lake has me so aghast that I might be tickled.

Ordinary Joe [NBC, 10p]
I’m enamored with this concept: James Wolk is a man who is deciding his next step and there are three obvious options, the ones we all have to choose in our 20s or 30s–rock star, nurse, and police officer. We get to see all three timelines. However, the trailer makes me worry the “ordinary Joe” may be too generic and in the preview’s flashes does not seem particularly appealing.

Y: The Last Man [FX/Hulu]
Yorick and Agent 355 are on the way to Boston to meet with a geneticist and Hero has hit the road. The world gets more and more hostile. The adjustment to a world without men won’t be easy, but maybe a better world is possible. This dystopian{?} reality is a vision who’s time as come.

The L Word: Generation Q [Showtime, 9p]
Gigi told Dani her feelings have changed, Finley and Sophie are giving it a shot, and Alice is having sex with Nat again? There is a lot happening for everyone right now. 


  • CBS’s 30th (or so, we’re just guessing) iteration of its tentpole NCIS franchise as it goes to the middle of the Pacific to introduce us to Vanessa Lachey’s Jane Tennant, the star of NCIS: Hawai’i. The original Mark Harmon series of NCIS returns for its 19th season. Watch for NCIS: Dover, Delaware early next year
  • Coincidentally, we’re sure, on the same day The Big Leap, a drama about behind-the-scenes at a TV dance competition, debuts, we see the return of Dancing with the Stars, featuring Instagram “influencer” and famous college fraudster Olivia Jade as one of the contestants. So that’s something that is happening.
  • VICE’s first-person reality expose I Was a Teenage Felon returns for a second season.

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