What To Watch: 09/19/2021

Since we’ve taken to calling the weekday of 48 hours ago Streaming Fridays, we should maybe recognize tonight as Appointment Sunday or Traditional TV Sunday–ok, it doesn’t roll off the tongue… we’ll workshop it. In any case, tonight’s rec’s don’t come from the usual premium cable sources but from some corners of the dial, a dial that doesn’t really exists

Teenage Euthanasia [Adult Swim, 12a]
A runaway teenage mom is accidentally resurrected in her family’s funeral home. Has all the makings of a classic comedy, no? Well I’m adult swim’s capable hands it could very well be a cult classic in the making. Have some edibles and enjoy the madness.

Fiasco [Epix, 10p]
It’s the first major scandal that I can remember and when I was a child, I truly thought this would take Ronald Reagan down. Sadly, it didn’t and Reagan’s funeral in 2004 turned the man responsible for America’s lack of empathy into one of the world’s most fondly remembered leaders. And the man at the center would become one of the leaders of the NRA. Even though Iran-Contra happened almost 40 years ago, its importance still resonates as Trumpism hovers over our land. This docu-series should serve as both a fascinating look at history and a vital watch for both those who were and weren’t there.

Muhammed Ali [PBS, 9p]
Co-writers and co-directors Sarah Burns and David McMahon bring the Ken Burns effect to the life of Muhammad Ali in their new four-part documentary series about the American legend.


  • John Heilemann, Alex Wagner, and the rest of the bunch return to the political fray for the back half of the sixth season of Showtime’s The Circus. While the leader of the free world may not be quite as free with the tongue (and apparently, more scarily, the nuclear football), there’s still no lack of absurdity within U.S. Politics as both sides gear up for next year’s mid-term elections with Supreme Court rulings, voter suppression, and the looming presence of that crazy man from Queens making it one of the least predictable elections in eons.
  • The Science Channel brings us the new Killers of the Cosmos, which is about detecting meteors and asteroids and the like and not about Neil DeGrasse Tyson lurking in the shadows ready to cut you if you make improper assertations about the life of stars.
  • We’ll end this roundup of a relatively quiet Sunday with some time in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) where both major networks have new movies. On Hallmark Movies, there’s Finding Love in Mountain View where the network goes against type and finds a busy businesswoman going to her country hometown where this successful-but-exhausted architect finds lov… no wait, she has to take care of her dead cousin’s three children and does not unexpectedly find true love with a ruggedly handsome rural dude. We’re lying; in the trailer she opens the door to see a man who is clearly her high school sweetheart. Lifetime’s Wheels of Beauty is a thriller so vital to the network they haven’t even given it its own page, but given how a simple search finds multiple people asking where it was filmed, we can presume it takes place against a beautiful landscape of a backdrop.

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