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What To Watch: 10/14/2019

On 30 Rock, Jon Hamm in a nurse’s outfit once requested Don Cheadle on a bed of rice. We miss that show. In any case, the actual Oscar-nom’d actor graces the second season return of Desus & Maro. We’ve also tonight have the return of Hulu’s weirder Canadian cousin of Portlandia and a PBS expose of the dangerous vilification and surveillance of Arab-Americans.

Desus & Mero [Showtime, 11p]
Don Cheadle is Desus and Mero’s Illustrious Guest on the debut of part two of season one.

Black Lightning [The CW, 9p]
Freeland is under occupation and are heroes aren’t doing the best. Jefferson and Lynn are bumping heads and Jennifer feels helpless despite her powers.

POV: The Feeling Of Being Watched [PBS, 10p]
The vaunted PBS docu-thology delves into a disturbing underside of our quest for freedom — the oft-dueling ideas of protection of civil liberties and desire for security — an especially delicate (and sinister) balance when it comes on the backs of Arab-Americans.



  • Hulu is somehow seven seasons deep into the muddy Canadian waters of the fictional Letterkenny, and you can watch that seventh go-around today.
  • While the likely double-murderer has withdrawn, the definite enabler is still active on this latest season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, so if you watch this show for no other reason, do it to rid the public eye of the useless Sean Spicer — and seriously f-them for using him as their promo video this week.
  • If you’re just getting over The Blair Witch Project, then Travel Channel has just the show not for you in These Woods Are Haunted, back for a second season tonight.
  • Now, if your jam was Hannibal and you love Michael Sheen, then checking out horror procedural Prodigal Son, in its early stages on Fox.


What to Watch: 09/26/2016

So, yeah, they’ll talk today. We’re not sure exactly what it is we can learn about these two at this point, but there you have it. It’s the first of three debates. There’s 43 days to the election and we are where we are. Two out of three of us are not recommending it, and we’re mostly political junkies. This just needs to end. It’s not funny anymore. It never really was. Racism rarely is.

First Presidential Debate [Multiple Channels, 9p]
I know I might immediately regret this decision but I feel like it’s my civic duty to watch and see just how bad it gets tonight. Wondering which Trump will show up and how Hillary will counter him.

Food Network Star Kids [Food, 8p]
It’s the finale of the first season, and the three junior finals will … film a sizzle reel before shopping for the final competition. The winner gets a show online, a Food Network Magazine, and a correspondence on The Kitchen (but not a shot of liquor to go with it — being a minor — which I would need for that last “honor”).

Loosely, Exactly Nicole [MTV, 10:30p]
It’s not the greatest show (although it’s had its moments), and MTV seems to be burning this show’s episodes off, but this sexually charged sitcom centered around ultra-charming comic Nicole Byer is leagues better than one more goddamn second wasted listening to that incompetent racist hack bully, and even worse the supposed left-wing press acting like he’s not the most monstrously unqualified candidates in history. I’m done. Out. FU everyone who’s kept his candidacy relevant.



  • Ham is delicious and always something you should have in your possession, unless you are a vegetarian. Also, Jada Pinkett Smith returns as Fish on Fox’s Gotham.
  • Remember way back when that jerkoff complained about one of the debates coming opposite football? That’s this one. There’s NFL Football as the Falcons and Saints face off.
  • ABC’s still got celebrities who you can watch boogie down on Dancing with the Stars. With any luck, he who shall not be named will have to beg to get on next year’s competition.


What to Watch: 09/12/2016

While there’s not much to talk about for scripted shows tonight, there’s no shortage of energy — whether its dancing (with amateurs going out and celebrities coming in) or overcoming obstacles with leaps and bounds or fighting a big orange monster so he doesn’t level up in an oval office.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee [TBS, 10:30p]
Faux news queen Bee returns from hiatus to interview an immigrant who founded Latinos for Trump — just the sort of oddball character, the political figure who shouldn’t quite exist but does, that should set her up strong for a fiery endgame of smashing electoral hypocrisy — particularly from the Trump-ier side.

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee [TBS, 10:30p]
Samantha interviews the Mexican immigrant that is behind the Latinos for Trump movement. I need to see this with mine own eyes to believe it.


American Ninja Warrior [NBC, 8p]
Tonight the warriors move through increasingly complex and mind-boggling obstacles, and we continue to root for our heroine Jessie Graff, the unstoppable Wonder Woman.


What to Watch: 05/24/2016

There’s a whole bunch of big ticket finales — including two winners to be crowned on two of the highest-rated shows in creation — but that’s not the way we’re going. Check it out!

@Midnight [Comedy, 12a]
Host and Kermit-in-human-form, Chris Hardwick, has collected two of the most muppet-y comics, Kristen Schaal and John Hodgman, and paired them with actual muppet Fozzie the Bear. Wocka! Wocka! I’m there!

Inside the Label [BET, 9p]
The real-life version of Empire, this reality series goes behind-the-scenes of major record labels. This week we get a look at life at Grand Hustle Records.

The Stepfather [LMN, 8p]
The pretty good 2009 remake of the 1987 horror classic is loosely inspired by John List, who methodically murdered his family in the early 1970s and was found in the suburbs of Richmond 18 years later; a very Lifetime-y story–because when women aren’t following their guts, they’re hopelessly oblivious. Sidebar: List’s murders were also told in the made-for-TV, surely broadcast on Lifetime, Judgment Day: The John List Story, starring (ugh) Robert Blake.



  • And then there will be one — the lone celebrity dancer still standing — after tonight’s 22nd season finale of Dancing with the Stars.
  • We’ll also find out the winning singer on some NBC program called The Voice.
  • Ken Jeong guests on the second season finale of Fresh Off the Boat as Louis’ brother. He’s got big news, and considering his usual roles I’m gonna guess it’s something ordinary and not-at-all-crazy.
  • The Real O’Neals closes its mostly successful debut season with a prom.
  • That’s also a season wrap on The Flash with Barry battling Zoom for the fate of, well, everything. Spoiler alert: it’s been renewed for another season.
  • And we’ll end on a beginning, the third season debut of the reality horror stories of Hotel Hell.