What To Watch: 04/18/2019

We’re feeling reality programs at a level we don’t usually feel — even if one of our editor recommendations is semi-ironic. There’s also the return of the show that cuts a families life into pieces, although contrary to Papa Roach’s theory, it is not their last resort.

Life In Pieces [CBS, 8:30, 9:30]
It’s a double shot of Short family antics (so eight vignettes instead of four) as one of the most underrated shows on television returns for its fourth season. There’s nothing fancy about it (well, save the play-in-four-acts gimmick); it’s just a collection of above average actors combined with some terrific character-driven writing. More sitcoms should be this basic (in a good way).

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny [MTV, 8pm]
Somehow it’s already the fourth episode of MTV’s new Shot at Love, and tonight the fellas let the women know who they like best with a first kiss. Sounds gross.

Project Runway [Bravo, 9p]
Tonight the designers are challenged to make fashion for their own powerful female video game character. Get ready for some fun and functional looks.



  • In the age of BTS overdrive, everything with K- in front of it is going to get extra eyes on it, and Netflix’s new South Korean drama about five young souls trying to find their way in the world may actually deserve it. The trailer for My First First Love looks universally compelling.
  • Bane and Nyssa al Ghul are both at large wreaking havoc, so you can bet future Batman and company are at wit’s end as Fox’s long-running Gotham races to its final chapter next week.
  • Over on one of our favorite NBC non-The Good Place-including one-two-three punches, Superstore explores the all-too-timely topic of spying (although unlike the president’s lackey’s charges, the Cloud 9 spying on Jonah and Amy might actually be happening), and Jack has to deal with his high-school bully hired to give a speech at his work on A.P. Bio — and, gotta say, teenage bullies as future motivational speakers tracks. Finally, it’s our March Madness cham-peen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where Jake and Capt. Holt investigate a crime where the latter’s boyfriend works.

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