What To Watch: 04/19/2019

If it’s Friday, there must be a lot of new streaming — and that’s certainly the case, with two exciting looking new series from Ramy Youssef, and from Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle, as well as the return of our dad’s favorite detective. However, there’s also much work to be done around the dial, so get your glasses (or goggles) ready, and start viewing. Here’s our suggestions.



RAMY [Hulu]
Egyptian comic Ramy Youssef debuts a semi-autobiographic episodic streaming comedy  that the NY Times has called “quietly revolutionary.” Youssef is very funny, but an extra notch in its favor is production by Jerrod Carmichael, who annoyed me with his ‘both sides’ political nonsense on his show, but ultimately crafted one of the most distinctive sitcoms of the last decade. Its trailer suggests Atlanta-meets-Crashing vibe, and that’s hardly a bad thing, with the extra twist of examining the conflicts unique to a young Muslim in 2010s America.

Someone Great [Netflix]
From the executive producers of Bridesmaids comes the NYC centric, multi-culti rom-com offering, Someone Great. Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) and Nate’s (LaKeith Stanfield — swoon) nine-year relationship could handle just about anything, except maybe long distance. When Jenny accepts a new gig across the country Nate calls it quits. In true Sex and the City fashion, her girls rally to help her paint the town red one last time before saying goodbye. I can’t wait to text my bestie all the best catchphrases while I watch tonight!

VICE Special Report [HBO, 10p]
Thanks to things like automation and an evolving economy, the future of work is changing, and that’s a challenge that we’ve just started dealing with as a society. The crew at VICE News explores what the future may look like in this new special.

90 Day Fiancé [TLC, 8p]
A new episode of 90 Day Finacé is here to remind you that getting married in three months is a TERRIBLE idea.

Wuthering Heights [TCM, 8p]
Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier star in this 1939, Oscar-nominated, adaptation from William Wyler.



  • Two of the cooler gents out there unite to create a loosely formatted, um, variety show blending hip-hop and comedy on Comedy Central’s The New Negroes with Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle. You may know the former as Lily Tomlin’s fastidious adopted son on Grace & Frankie or as the voice of a robot on the MST3K reboot, and the latter from his appearance on every good podcast, as well as his excellent (if hard to find) faux talk show Live From WZRD. The show would appear to aim for mix of stand-up, sketch, and musical interludes.
  • After barely making it from pilot to series back when Amazon was doing its head-to-head contests, Bosch makes it to five seasons today with a sixth already on order. Titus Welliver stars as the throwback detective Harry Bosch who hunts his men (and women #feminism) on the streets of Los Angeles.
  • If you’re still suffering from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend withdrawal like us, I Ship It checks the musical, strong female lead, meta, rom-com, and CW (well, CW Seed) boxes and returns for a second season today.
  • Another second season return featuring most of those boxes, comes in the form of Brazil’s Samantha! on Netflix, about a 30-something woman still struggling from the effects of being a child superstar.
  • The British show Cuckoo is on its fifth series (coming out on Netflix today) and has featured an unlikely mix of U.S. stars over the years. Andy Samberg left after the first season, Tylor Lautner is not in this year’s episodes, but Andie McDowell, no stranger to being the American among Brits, joins this season’s antics. In any case it’s a dry, quirky comedy that’s hard to explain, but kind of great.
  • Closing out the “New on Netflix,” we’ve got the return of Indian cricket coming-of-age dramedy Selection Day.
  • Oh, also, there’s the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on CBS, but we didn’t want to throw our garbage in here.

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