What To Watch: 04/16/2019

While as a general rule we here at Screen Scholars try to not get invested in celebrity pairings, but that being said if anything happens between Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell, we, every one of us, will be inconsolable. This week, he comes to television in a sitcom with a different, unrelated Bell (Lake) as his wife. For the record, we are not quite as locked in on the Scott Campbell-Lake Bell duo, but wish them no specific harm. We also have the return of America’s granddad, a look back at the glorious then tragic path of a former NFL superstar, and check in on the antics of some young journalists.


Bless This Mess [ABC, 9:30p]
A couple in the city give it all up to farm in flyover country in this new ABC comedy and I am HERE FOR IT. Dax Shepard and Lake Bell stars, and Bell serves as co-creator and co-producer (with our girl, Liz Meriweather).

The Big Interview With Dan Rather [AXS, 8p]
Dan Rather has become the grandfather America needs. He also happens to chat with rock and country stars on his being interview show on Axis TV. This week he chats with one-time Journey frontman Steve Perry who is having a bit of career renaissance thanks to his latest album. I just hope he talks about his Sopranos cameo.

30 For 30: Seau [ESPN, 9p]
When utterly affable Pro Bowl and slam-dunk Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau took his own life at 43, it was a definite wake-up call to all of us about the danger and tragedy lurking under the NFL’s runaway success. What led the outwardly upbeat and philanthropic Seau to suicide will ultimately remain a mystery, but this chapter of ESPN’s unparalleled documentary series is essential viewing for any sports fan struggling with their continued support for a problematic game.

The Bold Type [Freeform, 8p]
After publicly shaming a sexist healthcare policy, Jane can afford to freeze her eggs. Kat and Sutton are there for her and so is her new boyfriend, Pinstripe. In a weird turn of events, her new boss wants her to write about the egg freezing process with Pinstripe (who’s name is Ryan, but no one calls him that). Jane is not psyched to bring her new boyfriend to her vaginal ultrasound.



  • We could all stand to know a bit more about the time in history immediately after the Civil War, during the period called Reconstruction, an era that ended with former slaves under the thumb of Jim Crow laws, the impact of which lives on today as Florida recently granted felons the right to vote, we have a President praising Nazis and multiple states are trying to find ways to re-disenfranchise black voters. A PBS documentary is as good a place as any to get a primer, and the second half of Reconstruction: Life After The Civil War airs tonight.
  • For the hell of it, let’s check in on The Kids Are Alright (a.k.a. 1970s Goldbergs) where the A- and B-stories would seem to involve a church choir, but the C-story may be where it’s at with its classic sitcom trope as one quarter of the kids won’t truly be alright until they secure Led Zep tickets.
  • Tonight’s episode of The Last O.G. promises a “bounce-roll-skate-rock fest to impress” as the crew goes to the skating rink with an episode title cribbed from one of our all-time favorite De La tunes.

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