What to Watch: 06/13/2018

It’s a bonanza of new reality shows, including a new one from Mr. Yelly Chef, but we’re suggesting his original home, where he’s giving his annual Masterclass. Meanwhile, our editors are also up for some mid-week exploring from the confines of the couch, and one of the thinkiest sci-fi programs on Syfy.

The Expanse [Syfy, 9p]
Bobbie leads a team into the unknown even as she struggles to trust an old friend. Now that Amazon has signed on to continue the show we can let the story unfold without feeling rushed to wrap it up.

Expedition Unknown [Travel, 8p]
Josh Gates sets out to find out “how the vikings became so powerful.” I hope that, along with discussing their prowess on the seas, he learns that it was multiple clans and groups, that some just farmed and fished, and it wasn’t thousands of barbarians at war all the time. Girl can dream.

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]
Last week was a wild ride as we watched the judges give out their final aprons and the top 24 complete their first Mystery Box challenge. Contestants were each given a key ingredient specific to their home state. Some homecooks seriously rose to the occasion, while others stumbled. The bottom three were tasked with making their own version of steak and mash. Sal overcooked his steak and Sid underseasoned his, so it was clear that Alecia was here to stay. Tonight the homecooks are cooking with live crabs! Hopefully no one gets pinched!



  • The latest notch in the Gordon Ramsay empire, Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell & Back finds the mercurial celebrity cook rehabbing restaurants on the brink of collapse. This is nothing new for him, but the twist here is that he has just one day to pull it off. Tonight’s first victim(?) is Bella Gianna’s in Congers, New York. It’s on Fox at 9.
  • Two works after Seaward-gate, looks like the target is off Sam’s back and that’s a relief because we need her in these tenuous times. A new Full Frontal airs tonight on TBS.


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