He Split From The Whole F-ing Program

Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018)


Anthony Bourdain passed this past Friday (June 8th) and we are all mourning. I will miss his straight-shooter candor and his speaking up for marginalized communities. And while we might have bonded IRL about our love of movies and pop culture, I have no idea who Vittorio Storaro is, which according to this Fast Company interview would have instantly ruled me out as an employee. [Fun Fact: he is the cinematographer of movies like Apocalypse Now and The Last Emperor] Ouch … I know, dreams dashed. Watch below to see what other pop culture criteria he looked for in members of his crew.

Now that you know who his favorite cinematographer is, any guess on what his actual favorite movie is? Watch as he tells Anderson Cooper in the touching tribute he made for his friend.

Need more? Here’s a selection of Bourdain’s favorite films (h/t to fellow editor Brad Filicky for finding it). How many do you have in common? Extra points if you made the connection on this headline.

Rest powerfully, Tony.

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