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What To Watch: 05/15/2019

May sweeps, while in the age of heavy streaming not quite the event they used to be, still packs a punch, and today that comes in the form of celebrity chefs and finales of favorite shows — including the beloved, but strangest, comic-book adaptation.

MasterChef Celebrity Family Showdown [Fox, 8p]
Fox’s latest MasterChef iteration premieres tonight, featuring “celebrities” and their families as the home chefs. Tonight starts with the BFFs Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir facing each other in the studio kitchen.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
It’s time to learn the secrets of the Gargoyle King! The season finale airs tonight and there are many questions left to be answered. Will Hiram Lodge stay in prison? What is the final fate of the Farm? And we still haven’t really learned how the show will deal with the untimely passing of Luke Perry.

Jane The Virgin [The CW, 9p]
Jane finally realized that she is in love with Raphael and that he is the only one she wants to be with. Too bad Rafael has decided that he can’t trust her. Jane is having a hard time giving him te space he’s asking for.



  • About as New to Netflix an import as can be, I Hear You, was acquired from a Chinese concern (tariffs be damned). It tells the love story of two next door neighbors, a violin repairman and an aspirant TV voice actress, who, TWIST, wind up on a reality dating show.
  • As our editors are beginning to approach The Headley‘s for number of jobs, we should probably be interested (and horrified) by A&E’s The Employables, which chronicles the job hunts of people who have it a bit harder — tonight’s subjects, James and Jeff, both have vocal tics.
  • Just what IS going on in the world of Bravo’s Southern Charm, where apparently one character, Thomas, was not quite charming enough to not get arrested at the end of season five. As the sixth season commences tonight, they deal with the fallout.
  • Speaking of characters — the Wahlbergs, Markie, Donnie, and Other — of Wahlburgers come back tonight for a tenth season (that can’t possibly right…nope, says here, it is, hmpf!). A-Rod takes a turn at flipping burgers because he lost a bet. No, really.