What To Watch: 02/09/2022

You can imagine that a Harley Quinn V-day special is going to be a bit… um, offbeat? It even says “problematic” in its name. Speaking of problematic, Hulu looks into a scandal at a prestigious university, the NFL holds its award show three days before its big game, and that stalker show comes back on Netflix.

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special [HBO Max]
I, for one can’t wait for the Harley Quinn valentine’s day special. Harley and Ivy’s romance! Bane being… Bane! If you aren’t watching this def-for-adults, completely over-the-top animated masterpiece, this is as good as any a place to start. Who needs boxes of chocolate if you have this to watch with your significant other. You see the title, but be assured, the problems are worth it!

Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence [Hulu]
This series examines the ten-year influence of Larry Ray, a man who conned (and assaulted) a group of Sarah Lawrence students after he moved into his daughter’s dorm. (Ray was found guilty of extortion and trafficking last year.) 

NFL Honors [NBC, 9p]
While the two people from my favorite team that I know are up for awards (Josh Allen for MVP, Sean McDermott for Coach of the Year) are sure to lose, it’s still fun to actually see the players and coaches who win get to celebrate their selection. Honestly, with my lack of interest in the Super Bowl–good teams, but this was an exhausting year for a Bills fan–this may be my closure for football for the year.


  • One of the most polarizing shows on television reaches its fourth season as Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg moves from L.A. to England. You is one of Netflix’s most talked about (and presumably highly ranked) shows and at this point you likely know whether you love or hate this stalker show. Also, thankfully, Chris D’Elia and his way too close to home sexual harrasser of underage girls character is long gone. The first half drops today with the second half to follow in exactly one month.
  • The Tenderloins of the Impractical Jokers get their first taste of life after Joe Gatto as the 10th season begins today on TBS. Now just Murf, Q, and Sal, chances are if you liked them as a quartet, you’ll still enjoy their antics as a trio. Guests range from pop singer Ke$ha to NBA star Anthony Davis.
  • The “cheekily” named Ex on the Beach: Couples takes the MTV show to a new level (high? low?) as two sides of a triangle are about to get married, but the network has plopped one of their exes on the tropical paradise to tempt them. And that’s what America means to me!
  • In the Danish thriller Attachment, Lara, a local actress, falls in love with Chana, a visiting British academic. When the latter returns to London, Lara follows her there only to meet a mysterious downstairs neighbor and, as it goes in these flicks, things are not as they seem. It’s on Shudder.
  • In the Korean romance Dear David, lovelorn Laras (not to be confused with lovelorn Lara of the movie above) secretly writes erotic fiction, but will she fall in love for the first time? We’re gonna guess probably. It’s on Netflix.
  • We end our journey, as you do, on Lifetime, where the movie du jour is the dramatically/comically named A Date with Deception. Let’s make this a blind date so if you want to watch, you can go in knowing nothing at all. Or we suppose you could click on the hyperlink and read the synopsis. Choose your own adventure.

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