What To Watch: 02/10/2022

One of the most talked about new shows on Disney+–where all new shows seem to be heavily talked about–hits the airwaves. Also, Dave Franco and Alison Brie seem like a cute couple… but does that mean they work together well as director and star. We’ll find out four days before V-Day as his promising looking rom-com about a woman falling back in love with an engaged ex then also becoming close friends (and maybe more?) with the bride-to-be. Oh, and Brie’s Community-mate Danny Pudi plays her friend and confidant. Also, one of our new favorite shows defers to the Big Game[TM] and we get a treat episode two days early.

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur [Disney+]
This latest Marvel off-the-beaten-path series has a buzz around it rarely seen around a kids show. And rightly so. The animation style and character design are sleek and hip. Ralpheal sadiq does the music. who wouldn’t love the story of the world’s smartest 13 year old and her pet dinosaur saving the lower eat side?

Somebody I Used To Know [Amazon Prime]
So, what happens in this movie? Does Alison Brie have a friend collect her records from Jay Ellis and then change her number? In actuality, this is quite the opposite side of the Gotye song it has a similar title to: it’s about Brie’s Ally being happy to see Ellis’ Sean ten years after they broke up. Brie’s husband Dave Franco directs it based on a script by… Dave Franco, and it boasts a coolcoolcool cast including Haley Joel Osment, Julie Hagerty, Kiersey Clemons, Zoe Chao, and a Community reunion of sorts between Brie and Danny Pudi (whose characters I mega-shipped on that show). It looks truly charming. 

The Last of Us [HBO, 8p]
This not-a-zombie show is such a hit that HBO has decided to release the fifth episode early so as not to compete with the Super Bowl. I don’t know about you, but I’d choose this over the big game any day. Melanie Lynskey as a warlord? Sign me up!


  • If you’re any age over 30 and want to feel old, gaze at the image above. Ashton Kutcher joins Reese Witherspoon as friends who swap homes and cities in the Netflix flick Your Place or Mine. And it’s a rom-com, so we can likely presume there’s a chance they end up more than friends.
  • One of our favorite veteran comedians, the acerbic Marcella Arguello, hits the stage for the HBO Latino hourlong (or in that range) special Marcella Arguello: Bitch, Grow Up!
  • It’s the weekend before V-Day, so we’re gonna see a lot of new romantic movies. Paramount+’s At Midnight may be the third most promising (see above) as Monica Barbaro performs as actress Sophie Wilder who is one half of a power couple being cheated by the other half, Adam–who is portrayed by Anders Holm who seems to be a go-to cad boyfriend these days. Of course, during her spiral she meets a local (Diego Boneta) and they will they won’t they into, perhaps, romance (you think?). Whitney Cummings is an agent who I wish was June Diane Raphael as it looks like a funny character and the latter is just much less icky in real life.
  • The first comment on the YouTube page for that last one’s trailer says it looks like a Hallmark movie (not meaning it as a dig) and that’s a good enough segue for us into the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex). where we have one movie on Lifetime, Spinning Out of Control in which Lacy Chabert is a big city, let’s say Chicago, reporter who is sent to her hometown to do a feature on a local league of that game where you twirl around on a bat really fast and run to a fence and back. Only it turns out the commish of the sport is none other than her high school crush played by [Insert Random Former One Tree Hill actor here]. Will they? Won’t they? Find out tonight if we made that whole thing up on the Lifetime Channel. Or we’ll tell you now. It’s actually a thriller starring Ria Ridley as a fitness bike addict who is being, you guessed it, stalked. So, we were close.

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