What To Watch: 02/08/2022


Not Dead Yet [ABC, 8:30p]
To paraphrase a certain canceled Simpsons character, “this was the sight of my spiritual de-pantsing.” I’ve had a character running around my head for over a decade whose job was an obituary writer. On a lark, I took a sitcom-writing class with a favorite improv-er and used her in my sample treatment. One of the other students mentioned that a friend, an established writer and not some rando 40-something, had a show coming out with the same premise based on a 2-year-old book… oof! Oh well, I stand by that it’s a great premise, so I’m excited to see it–and when the pain recedes, I’ll read the 2020 memoir this is based on. Also, Gina Rodriguez stars and she’s good in everything.

The Flash/Kung Fu [The CW, 8p/9p]
A pair of CW stalwarts return as the fast man is back for a final run and a non-Avenger avenger remains a sleeper hit at the once fledgling network. The Flash did have a healthy life and with all the changes going on at DC, it’s time to leave on a high note. Kung Fu is still healthy on its third season soxheees hoping it has as lengthy a run as the other returning show did.

Santo Maldito [Hulu]
This Spanish-language dark drama follows an atheist teacher who is “lured into a religious organization that preaches the power of miracles.” Surely something suspicious is afoot.


  • As scripted shows go, only The Simpsons has reached a season number higher than South Park. Season 26 of the venerable shock comedy series that began in the mid-’90s hits Comedy Central today and at this point, you know whether you will like Matt & Trey’s humor or not.
  • A Million Little Things is a show that is on television, specifically ABC, and has been for four seasons. Its fifth debuts tonight. It will not be getting a sixth, and that’s by its own choice. How about that?!
  • Wakanda is never a sometimes thing, so Disney+ has rolled out its behind-the-scenes juggernaut to look deep inside the majestic sequel that was created with a somewhat heavy heart given the way-too-young death of the original’s star. Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits the streaming service today.
  • When talking about basketball’s GOAT, two names generally pop to mind: LeBron James and Michael Jordan. However, a case could be made for the engine of the Boston Celtics dominance of the late 1950s through the ’60s. Bill Russell’s Celtics won 11 Championships in his 13 years as center (and as player-coach for the final three years. Scholar Jason once (literally) ran into him at a charity event in the ’00s and can attest that he is one hell of a presence–with one of the kindest smiles, even when some 20-something idiot runs into him. The Netflix special Bill Russell: Legend looks into the powerful man who passed away last July.
  • Staying in the world of sports, it’s that time of year again: time for people who don’t like sports to watch the big game for the cavalcade of big-ticket commercials. If you don’t care to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the Superb Owl, you can get your dose of this tonight on CBS with Super Bowl Greatest Commercials: Battle of the Decades.
  • Finally, we’ve got a Netflix import with a fun jittery soundtrack (at least in the trailer). The Exchange would appear to be a Kuwaiti take on Succession, but with monetary amounts that would make the Roys’ fortune look like a pittance.

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