What To Watch: 11/15/2022

From one vantage point, it’s a streamed sequel to a 2013 big-budget film that was one of the biggest bombs of its year. From another perspective, it’s the awaited return to the world of a fun cult classic. There’s also the documentary companion to one of the bigger true crime shows of the year and a bunch of standup.

R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned [Netflix]
If there is any movie that didn’t need a sequel, it’s R.I.P.D., but here we are. It’s given the subtitle “Rise of the Damned” and it (obviously) doesn’t star Jeff Bridges or Ryan Reynolds. It does star that guy from Burn Notice. Still.. this could be a fun mid-budget action movie… maybe (they mostly come st night.. mostly.)

A Friend of the Family: True Evil [Peacock]
You’ve seen the Peacock mini-series starring Julia Lacy, Colin Hanks, and Anna Paquin, now watch the documentary that tells you the chilling true story behind it, also on Peacock. Or maybe, like me, you have yet to watch the representation and waited for the gritty documentary telling. 


  • We love Deon Cole for his role on the underrated Rasheeda Jones cop farce Angie Tribeca, but you may know him best as Charlie Telphy of the -Ishaverse. He celebrates a half century on the Earth with the Netflix standup special Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy. Netflix gives you a two-fer of comedy with Johanna Nordstrom: Call the Police, also debuting on the service today.
  • While we sit here sillily worrying about real wars, the much more fun A&E “wars” rage on. Neighborhood Wars returns for a new season while Customer Wars makes its debut. Reporting this feels like deja vu, so we’re thinking these both were pushed back or this is the appointment TV drop.
  • If you want a good and very timely scare from the real world, tune to Peacock where Once Upon a Time in Londongrad explores the lengths that Putin’s assassins will go to terminate its enemies abroad. Rock us to sleep tonight, why don’t you?
  • Although it sounds like a gritty mystery, Good Bones is actually an extreme home makeover show. That it’s on HGTV should be the first clue. Its spinoff is made for people who love a good topiary: Good Bones: Better Yard debuts today.

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