What To Watch: 11/16/2022

Our three lead recommendations for this Tuesday could not be much more different if we tried. We’ve got a serious literary period piece, a gritty true crime tale of a serial killer cult (maybe) on a 1970s Marine base, and finally, the return of the famous Tim Allen performance where he does less grunting. There’s also a pair of worthwhile docs, one on HBO about a classical painter who escaped poverty and survived prison and another on Netflix about the first female Afghan mayor. Also, the Helmsworth hunks are doing something–we’re not quite sure what. In any case, chances are, whatever your taste, today’s new content like SNL‘s Sump’n Claus… everyone’s getting something.

The Wonder [Netflix]
Adapted from Emma Donoghue’s novel, stars Florence Pugh as a nurse sent to the Irish countryside to observe a young girl who is alive despite fasting for four months. Emma Donoghue? Florence Pugh? Moody moors? Say less, I’m already there. (Unless you have for on an adaptation of Frog Music. Say that.)

The Santa Clauses [Disney+]
If it’s one thing streaming services are good for it’s unnecessary sequels (im looking at you R.I.P.D.2)… which brings us to the santa clauses. Tim Allen is back (God help us all) as Santa. He knows he can’t be Santa forever so he wants to pass on the job to a worthy heir–a TV season of hijinks ensues.

Where is Private Dulaney? [Hulu]
This tale starts at the disappearance of a Marine in 1979 and his mother’s mission to find his body and solve his murder, and along the way uncovers a serial killer, a cult, and a whole bunch of 1970s brand weirdness. This one promises to be very compelling… and very sad. 


  • After a decade in prison, George Anthony Morton emerged with a mission: to use his talent as a painter, and inflitrate the very white universe, to try to illustrate the beauty of people not seen as often in the art world. The HBO documentary Master of Light looks into his life and works.
  • In Her Hands tells the incredible and heroic story of Zarifa Ghafari, who at age 26 became the mayor of Maiden Shahr, a city of 35k people in Afghanistan. It’s the latest Netflix documentary.
  • Definitely ot a mash-up (or is it?) of Spike Lee’s misstep college comedy School Daze and the torture porn series Hostel, Netflix’s Hostel Daze is actually an Indian farce about a group of young people living and loving.
  • While Limitless with Chris Hemsworth is not related to the similarly named 2011 Bradley Cooper thriller about a drug opening up the full power of the human mind, but its central conceit is not THAT far from it. The Australian A-list movie actor hosts an array of scientists and philosophers to explore the limits of the human lifespan. What is the outer limit? Will the fictional The Good Place brother Larry drop by? OK, probably not… he’s not real. Try to keep up.
  • Leverage: Redemption on the other hand is very much related to the early-2010s TNT action series Leverage that the new-ish service Freevee has revived for some reason. The second season of this reboot of the secret(?) crime solving team hits streaming today.
  • Finally, if you love Brazilian music and hip-hop, you should be excited about the Netflix series Recionais MC’s: From the Streets of Sao Paulo. If you don’t know the tale of this South American crew who formed in 1988, here’s the chance to find out more than what their Wikipedia page will tell you.

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