What To Watch: 11/14/2022

It’s a relatively quiet day in new content… or, in other words, a Monday. However, there are at least four very interesting, all arguably unique, new shows…. well, one is very much less than new. We’ve got Jonah Hill celebrating his therapist in black and white. There’s a documentary about the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979/80. A group of iconic eager creatures from the UK return (presumably with baby sun in tow) to either brighten children’s dreams or fuel their future nightmares. Finally, we get one last glimpse into the pure joyfulness that was the late Leslie Jordan.

Stutz [Netflix]
Jonah Hill hosts and directs this documentary, which is about his therapist. I like this. Probably because I sometimes want to end my weekly sessions with a frustrated, “Just tell me what to do!” 

Teletubbies [Netflix]
Did you watch this as a kid? If not, didn’t your younger siblings? Do you wish you could forget? Do you think the purple one is gay? Well lucky you! We have a reboot! was anyone asking for it? Hell no. Will your kids love it? Hell yes. Will it torture you? Ohh you better believe it. It’s a slow Monday.

Taken Hostage: An American Experience Special [PBS, 9p]
It’s one of the first news stories I remember as a kid, and despite being a relatively astute five year old who has since read a lot of history, political science, read a ton of ’70s and ’80s Doonesbury and has seen Argo twice, I’m still pretty at a loss as to what actually happened and I’m sure many of you are too. Here’s a handy PBS special taking stock of it all roughly 42 years later, perhaps to guilt the Iran football team into submission.


  • The HGTV show Celebrity IOU debuts with an episode which became unexpectedly bittersweet a few weeks ago when beloved comic actor Leslie Jordan died in a car crash. He’s the celebrity in the first episode and it’s one last chance to see the inimitable Mr. Jordan with at least some guard down. And that is all we got….

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