What To Watch: 09/02/2022

Another Streaming Friday is here and we’re swimming in major stars in new programming, a provocatively named reality show, and a look into a real Hollywood cannibal. Don’t get any ideas, Q-type folk. Here’s what we suggest for staring at on the first Friday in December.

Devil in Ohio [Netflix]
Is it a supernatural thriller? A mystery? A possession story? Honestly, I don’t know. What I do know is that it tells the story of a family who takes in a girl escaping from a cult. It takes place in Ohio so that’s scary enough. I kid, I kid. I’m from Ohio.

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. [Peacock]
This movie had me at its title, but then throw in that it’s a mockumentary-style satire of the infested world of megachurches starring Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown as its central pastors battling a scandal, and I am excited about this one. Only wish it were a series.

Dated & Related [Netflix]
Another day another outlandish reality dating show. The title suggests that incest is involved but it is not! Just casual family members looking for love at the same time. It is similar to the siblings that made an appearance on Love Island USA this past season, but the sister didn’t stay long enough for us to see the dynamic play out.


  • It’s been an era of canceling or comeuppance–depending on your persepective–and few celebrity’s crashburn have been quite as swift as that of movie star Armie Hammer’s. The actor’s only crime was the desire to consume human flesh. OK, yeah, he’s not coming back from that. House of Hammer on Discovery+ aims to help you figure out just wtf happened.
  • Not based on a true story, Fakes tells the story of a pair of young girls who cornered the market on fraudulent identification in the continent. The Netflix original series debuts today.
  • Another new Netflix original, Buy My House profiles four real-life real estate tycoons. Prepare to scream with joy, jealousy, or terror depending on how you are wired. Apparently one of them is an NFL pass rusher.
  • Call it India’s answer to the Real Housewives and Basketball Wives series, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives follows the formula right down to the second season’s trailer’s opening line “you don’t even know what’s coming.” The beverage throwing and catty insults return on Netflix.
  • Now for the other two Netflix imports dropping tonight: the Turkish movie The Festival of Troubadours tells the story of a father-son reunion, while You’re Nothing Special is a Spanish comedy about a woman who makes some shocking discoveries when her mother’s death lures her back to her hometown.
  • Lifetime Movie Network brings us the only offering tonight from the LHV. First Class Fear tells the story of… well, we’re not entirely sure because the information on the web is not overly clear and it does not even have an IMDb entry yet. We’re gonna gander that it takes place in the more expensive part of a plane?

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