What To Watch: 09/03/2022

It’s quite the musical day for our recommendations as we have a tribute to one of the more respected and connected drummers in rock’n’roll, a man who sadly died at 50 earlier this year, and the scion of a metal family who is best known as part of one of the early family reality shows, but now has become a paranormal explorer. As Saturdays go, there’s options.

Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert [Paramount, 11:30a]
There does not seem to be anyone who did not adore Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who sadly died young at 50 of unknown causes. Everyone from his bandmates to comedian Dave Chappelle to Nile Rodgers to Nandi Bushell, the 11-year-old drummer prodigy he and his band would occasionally allow to take the drummer’s seat. It portends to be a fitting tribute to a beloved individual.

Jack Osborne’s Night of Terror: UFOs [Discovery+]
Famously growing up an Osborne, Jack already knows a lot about nights of terror. Does it makes sense he will host a show about nights of terror? Maybe. The subject of the latest episode is UFOs, a logical choice with recent declassification of certain documents UFOs are on a lot of peoples minds so no it’s timely for sure.


  • The latest version of the classic Louisa May Alcott novel, Little Women transports the action to modern day South Korea where the titular girls wind up involved in a conspiracy. It’s the top new title on Netflix today.
  • Designers Raisa Kuddus and Austin Coleman brand themselves as the “newest faces of budget-friendly renovations. This should tell you pretty quickly if you are the audience for thier debuting HGTV show First Home Fix.
  • Saturdays are always a good day to get lost in the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex. The main feature tonight is on the Hallmark side as you can probably get a good feel for what Marry Me in Yosemite is about. But if you need more info: a too-successful-to-have-time-for-dating photographer sets off for the California national park to get material for her next coffee table book, but she is paired with a “sort of off-the-grid” ruggedly handsome conservationalist to guide her around. The title itself kinda plays spoiler alert, but you can usually guess a Hallmark film is likely to lead to a walk down an aisle.

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