Box Office Weekend: September 2022

If horror movies are your thing, you’ll find plenty this month in theaters. Documentaries too, from music to cities to small-town sports! Your streaming choices are limited to Netflix, which never fails to release an absolute crapton of titles every single month. Let us know in the comments what you’re watching!

Available today on Netflix

Fenced In, which lacks a trailer, is a Brazilian comedy about a man who trades city life for a small town.

Love in the Villa, an absurd romantic comedy, pairs a recently-dumped woman with a handsome Brit when their romantic villa is overbooked. There’s a horror movie this month with a similar plot.

In theaters tomorrow, September 2:

Waiting for Bojangles is a French drama about two free-spirited artists in Paris. Feels like a whimsical What Maisie Knew. Adapted from the Olivier Bourdeaut novel.

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. is a comedy (through a documentary lens) about a disgraced mega pastor and his wife. This film stars Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown so I’m in. It will also stream on Peacock.

The Harbinger, a horror film, takes place in a small town where its residents die in rapid succession after a family’s arrival. The family thinks evil has followed them! But maybe it’s their cursed daughter. Kids!

Gigi & Nate is an inspirational drama about a disabled man and his support monkey.

Burial, which stars Tom Felton and Charlotte Vega, follows Allied soldiers attacked by werewolves while transporting Hitler’s ashes. To which I said, “GREAT, now I’m going to get bogged down by what happened to Hitler’s remains.” Collider, however, called the film tepid, in spite of Rotten Tomatoes’s 90 percent rating. So your mileage may vary depending on how you feel about nazi werewolves. I think nazis are scary enough on their own!

Peter von Kant, an adaptation of Fassbinder’s The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, is about a narcissistic man and his relationships with many women. 

Saloum, a horror film, is about three mercenaries hiding in “the mystical region” of Saloum, Senegal. The reviews are very good.

Cuttputlli will stream tomorrow on Hulu:

And The Festival of Troubadours will stream on Netflix:

In theaters Tuesday, September 6:

We Are As Gods is a documentary about Stewart Brand, “the creator of the counter-culture do-it-yourself bible The Whole Earth Catalog and an early activist in the ’60’s environmental movement.”

Streaming Thursday on Netflix:

Diorama is a Swedish romance about a couple whose marriage falls apart. A trailer was unavailable at press time.

In theaters Friday, September 9:

The Bengali, a documentary: “An unlikely quest takes an African-American woman from New Orleans across deep divides of culture to India, in search of her family’s past.”

Barbarian, a horror film, is your Air BnB fear: a woman arrives to her rental home at night to find that it’s double-booked. Bill Skarsgård stars as the guy who’s already there and Georgina Campbell is the woman traveling for a job interview. Justin Long, Matthew Patrick Davis, Richard Brake, Kurt Braunohler, and Jaymes Butler also appear at some point. Kurt is tall, is he a bad guy in the basement?

Medieval stars Ben Foster, Michael Caine, and Sophie Lowe. This movie can’t be as bad as the trailer, can it? The Czech historical drama is about Jan Žižka, a military commander who never lost a battle. Writer and director Petr Jákl made the film because he wants to “promote the Czech Republic to the world.” It is the most expensive Czech movie to date.

Speak No Evil is a Danish psychological thriller about a Danish family struggling to remain polite while on holiday with a Dutch family.

Unfavorable Odds is a crappy-looking romantic comedy.

The Class, a new but not a fresh take on The Breakfast Club, follows a group of seniors who give up their Saturday to take an exam they previously missed or failed. Anthony Michael Hall stars.

Hockeyland is a documentary about high school seniors and their ice hockey aspirations. The film will stream on Apple and Amazon on October 18. 

Brahmastra Part One: Shiva, from India, follows Shiva, as a DJ as he seeks love, the meaning of life, and reckons with his ability to “awaken the Brahmāstra, a supernatural weapon that is said to be able to destroy the universe.” This is one of the most expensive Indian films to date.

The Story of Film: A New Generation is a documentary. Mark Cousins continues his examination of cinema, looking at films from 2010 to 2021.

Streaming that day on Netflix:

End of the Road is a road trip thriller starring Queen Latifah and Chris Bridges. It’s like Are We There Yet? if it was scary.

No Limit is a romantic drama about a woman who falls in love with her diving instructor. This French film did not have a trailer at press time.

In theaters Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Goodbye, Don Glees! is a Japanese anime film. During a magical summer in Iceland, three teenage boys discover treasure in the forest.

Streaming that day on Netflix:

Broad Peak, a Polish drama, is about Maciej Berbeka’s last ascent on Broad Peak, in 2013. Feeling that his previous climb was incomplete, he returned 25 years later. He disappeared during the descent. 

The Catholic School, an Italian drama, follows three teenage boys who commit a “shocking crime” in 1975 in Rome. The film is based on real events. 

In theaters Friday, September 16, 2022

The Woman King, a much-anticipated historical epic, stars Viola Davis as the leader of “the Agojie, the all-female warrior unit who protected the African kingdom of Dahomey in the 19th century.” The film is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and written by Dana Stevens. The cast includes Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch, Sheila Atim, and John Boyega.

Pearl explores the origins of X’s primary villain. Set during WWI, Mia Goth’s Pearl dreams of fame and fortune while suffering on the family farm. The film is co-written by Goth and director Ti West.

Running the Bases is this month’s Christian movie, about a high school coach who faces opposition because he loves Christ too much. Or something. I hate these movies.

The Modern Way is a drama set in 1980s London as several subcultures intersect.

Land of Dreams is a satire set in the future. An Iranian woman, working for the Census Bureau, struggles to understand what it means to be a free American.

Boblo Boats: A Detroit Ferry Tale is a documentary about the steamship that carried people from Detroit to Boblo Island and the effort to save it from the scrapyard. I cannot tell you how desperately I wish I could travel back in time and ride the boat to Boblo Island, the Coney Island of Detroit, which is no longer in operation.

God’s Country stars Thandiwe Newton as a woman trapped in an escalating battle of wills after she confronts poachers on her land.

The Silent Twins, adapted from Marjorie Wallace’s 1986 novel about June and Jennifer Gibbons, twin sisters who communicated with only each other and were held in a hospital against their will for eleven years. Tamara Lawrance and noted racist, transphobe, and vaccine enemy Letitia Wright star.

See How They Run is a comedy. An American travels to London to produce a play and then his cast and crew end up systematically murdered. Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody, Ruth Wilson, and David Oyelowo star.

Moonage Daydream is a documentary about David Bowie. The film is directed, produced, and edited by Brett Morgen, who uses previously unseen footage from Bowie’s archives.

Streaming on Netflix:

Do Revenge is a dark starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke as fallen-it girls who go after each other’s bullies. Cool! I’m in.

I Used to Be Famous stars Ed Skrein as a fallen boy band star who turns it around with the help of an autistic teen.

Jogi is a Hindi-language drama. Three friends of different faiths unite to save their town.

Mirror, Mirror, a comedy follows five employees of a cosmetic company as it approaches its 50th-anniversary party. 

In theaters Monday, September 19:

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, the reboot of the Jeepers Creepers franchise (and beginning of a trilogy), follows a couple at a horror festival in Louisiana as they experience premotions of local Creepers. 

Streaming on Netflix Wednesday, September 21:

The Perfumier, an adaptation of the 1985 novel, is a German thriller about a detective who joins forces with a serial killer.

In theaters Friday, September 23:

Don’t Worry Darling, the controversial and maligned second film from Olivia Wilde, appears to be half Stepford Wives and half “You Only Leave Twice” (the eighth season Simpsons episode wherein the family leaves Springfield for a perfect planned community run by a Bond villain). Florence Pugh stars as a newlywed trapped in a planned community that requires total subservience from its women while its men “work.” On nuclear weapons? It’s unclear, and it’s all run by Chris Pine. Pine and Pugh–and Kate Berlant, Gemma Chan, Kiki Layne, and more–have been noticeably silent while rumors have swirled about a toxic set. (Harry Styles also stars and is dating Wilde, and I can’t really be bothered to dig up whether or not he has cruelly thrown Pugh under the bus like her director did, OK?)  

Petrov’s Flu, a Russian dramedy, is an adaptation of Alexey Salnikov’s novel. Suffering from the flu, a family is visited by a “trickster” and suffers hallucinations, which include interactions with the dead.

The Railway Children Return, a sequel to 1970s The Railway Children (which is not the Boxcar Children), adapted from the E. Nesbit novel, follows a group of unhoused children during WWII.

Blank, a sci-fi drama, is about a woman who relies on artificial intelligence to power through her debilitating writer’s block. A virus causes technology to take a turn, and I hope the writer can draw from her trauma to write a new bestseller. 

Streaming on Netflix:

A Jazzman’s Blues is a romance written, directed, and produced by Tyler Perry.

ATHENA, a war drama, follows a town united by the death of a young boy. A trailer was not available at press time.

Lou stars Journee Smollett and Allison Janney as two women who team up to find a kidnapped daughter. Looks good.

And the next day:

Fullmetal Alchemist The Final Alchemy

And streaming Wednesday, September 28:

Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe biopic starring Ana de Armas. Looks bad!

New in theaters Friday, September 30:

Bros, the romantic comedy we’ve been waiting for, directed by Nicholas Stoller and written by–and starring!–Billy Eichner, is about two opposites who fall in love. And they’re gay men! This is the first romantic comedy with an almost-entirely LGBTQ+ cast from a major studio. The cast includes Luke Macfarlane, Ts Madison, Monica Raymund, Guillermo Díaz, Guy Branum, Amanda Bearse, Jim Rash, Bowen Yang, Miss Lawrence, Harvey Fierstein, Symone, Eve Lindley, D’Lo Srijaerajah, Benito Skinner, and Kristin Chenoweth and Debra Messing (noted allies).

Vesper is a teen dystopian thriller. There’s no food left! But a teen found some seeds and she’s going to save the world from starvation.

God’s Creatures stars Emily Watson who lies to protect her son from a “serious allegation” in their small town.

The Good House stars Sigourney Weaver as a wine-swilling realtor trying to hold it together in Massachusetts. 

Smile is a horror film. A woman’s “own mind turns on her” after witnessing a traumatic event.

Alex/October is a drama about a sad man and sad girl who are brought together by a classified ad. That sounds like it could be a romantic comedy, but I don’t think this is.

Streaming on Netflix:

Anikulapo, a drama, is about a man who is given a second chance at life when he encounters a magical bird.

Rainbow, a Spanish drama, follows a teen on a whimsical journey to find her mother.

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