What To Watch: 08/16/2022

Hotties and devils and murder and vampires and sad standups and perhaps history’s greatest genius… it’s all in what to watch.

Hotties [Hulu]
What do you get when you combine a dating show and a cooking show? Apparently whatever this is. Couples go on blind dates and are faced with culinary challenges which also involve eating some very spicy food. Sounds super romantic. The concept is just crazy enough that it might actually be fun?

Leonardo [The CW, 8p]
A biographical mini series on the life of Leonardo de Vinci seems a sure thing, but it took almost a year for the show to find a home in the U.S. Then CW picked it up… so prepare for a dramatic history lesson as we enter season 2. Will Leonardo be acquitted for the death of Caterina da Cremona? I guess we are about to find out!

Dark Side of Comedy [Vice]
Vice is a logical source to look into the connection between stand-up/sketch comedy with depression and madness and how various comedians have dealt with their demons–from the tragedy of Chris Farley who threw his body all over the place before drugging himself to death to the more positive case of Maria Bamford who turned her mental illness into multiple hit albums and a critically beloved series.


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