What To Watch: 08/17/2022

Twists on two of Screen Scholars’ favorite reality competition shows lead our list of recommendations today–and there’s also a time shifting rom-com that looks promising.

Junior Baking Show [Netflix]
If you ever wanted to see a combo of Master Chef Jr. and The Great British Bake Off? This spin-off of the latter is as close as you’re gonna get. A group of the best young bakers in Britain get together to test their abilities. it must have been a no-brainer for Netflix execs to approve this. And you know you will be watching…

Drag Race Philippines [WOW]
If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race you probably cannot get enough of drag and with the exciting All-Stars 7 ending and Canada’s third season disappointing, it’s a prime time for the unveiling of the first set from one of the more unlikely places–the home of one of the most anti-LGBTQ and ruthless dictators. Also, the buzz on this one is really good. 


  • If you’re a fan of the Sliding Doors-style multiple-timelines rom-com, you might be excited for Look Both Ways where Natalie (Lili Reinhart) is in the Paltrow seat as she branches into two possibilities of life as she plans for her post-college future. The main difference is whether she’s pregnant or not from a hookup with a friend.
  • If you’re a true crime aficionado, you’re quite familiar with Det. Joe Kenda. For ID’s Homicide Hunter: Never Give Up, Kenda examines three cold cases he’s yet unable to crack.
  • Netflix is back at it with the imports. In alpha order, we’ve got the first season of the Mexican series High Heat in which Poncho investigates his brother’s murder by going undercover in a firehouse. The Norwegian teen intrigue Royalteen also drops its inaugural season today. Finally, the raucous Brazilian comedy Unsuspicious involves the murder of a playboy at a party where, guess what, everyone’s a suspect (betcha didn’t see that coming). We joke, but if it’s half as funny as the similarly premised The Afterparty.
  • Closing our round-up, it’s the return of IFC’s dark comedy Good Grief for a second season.

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