What To Watch: 08/15/2022

The Bad-iverse, like all good television, is coming to an end tonight and no one knows how it will end, except that it’s unlikely to be a happy ending for our prequel/sequel’s protagonist. The show’s creator has even said as much. Drama comes in all forms, from New Mexico-based crime sagas, 1980s sports rivalries, and real (well, “real”) romantic conflicts–ok, so, three forms.

Better Call Saul [AMC, 9p]
The title of this series (and universe) finale is “Saul Gone.” And it’s quite clear that the fast-talking, unscrupulous lawyer Saul Goodman has to go–and with the two almost-murders, the even more wretched Cinnabon schemer Gene Takevic also is a lost cause. But does Jimmy McGill still have a chance at redemption? If so, what does it look like. In my book, he’d have to save the feckless Jeffy along with Kim Wexler. My heart can’t rule out an ending with at least a faint glimmer of hope for Jimmy & Kim, even if Vince Gilligan has practically ruled out anything but tragedy most dire. 

Legacy: The True Story of the L.A. Lakers [Hulu]
Hulu’s ten-part documentary follows the origins of the NBA’s most charismatic franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers, from Dr. Jerry Buss’ purchase in 1979 to its present-day dominance on the court and in pop culture. 

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
It’s been a real rollercoaster for our two bachelorettes. After dividing the men into two distinct groups, Rachel and Gabby figured that things would finally be smooth sailing. Only for yet another man to reject Rachel in favor of Gabby! After some deliberation, Gabby decided to give Logan a chance and he joined her group of men. This week the two groups are leaving Belgium and heading over to Amsterdam. I am glad that Rahcel and Gabby can lean on each other, but honestly all I want is one episode where Gabby isn’t in a puddle of tears. One of these guys needs to give her the love she deserves. 


  • It’s kind of a brilliant concept. The Smithsonian Channel show Inside the Factory originally aired on BBC in the UK and profiles all sorts of items that could be created in a mill… j/k, it’s in a factory. This latest, 7th, series seems to focus on vehicles with a holiday show about Christmas cards. Or it could just be the second series from 2016. Smithsonian does not make it easy to tell.
  • “It’s go time, Anoop” would seem to be the catch phrase of the new Netflix Jr. young’uns animated program about a little girl and her elephant. Deepa & Anoop is straight-outta-Bollywood.
  • Deliciousness is Ridiculousness but with food and its third season opens on MTV today. Its hosts for the silly video-fest are the oh-so-obvious quartet of ’90s teen star Tiffani Thiessen, Office lady Angela Kinsey, sketch artiste Kel Mitchell and MTV man-about-shows Tim Chantarangsu.

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