What To Watch: 04/07/2022

Tokyo e Yosoko–I just want to find out who the modern day Jan Hammer is? Perhaps Jan Hammer? He’s only 73. Yup, there’s a new Miami Vice-esque show with a name that’s on the nose. There’s also a documentary about a doomed footballer, the return of an enormously underrated animated comedy, and the second profile of an absolute indisputable monster in as many days. Oh, also, chefs gonna chef, and one of them has to be the top.

Tokyo Vice [HBO Max]
What happens when an American journalist plugs into the Tokyo Vice squad? That’s the premise of this new HBO Max series. While there’s an obvious reference, this seems to me more like a modern take on the ’80s movie Black Rain. If done well, this could be an original take on a world we don’t see much here in America. I’m going to enjoy seeing if it hits the mark.

Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star [Netflix]
Netflix tries to solve the “why” behind the sensational murder of Senzo Meyiw, a beloved South African soccer athlete.

Top Chef [Bravo, 8p]
Last week the chefs took on Texas barbecue with a twelve hour smoked brisket challenge. Evelyn impressed everyone with her curry and even Padma had no notes! This week the chefs are honoring trailblazing Texas women. 


  • Maybe it’s the fact that it was shelved a few years at the beginning, but it’s astounding that Close Enough is barely mentioned among the glut of adult animated shows. The series was created by JG Quintel, the mind behind The Regular Show, and starts its third season on HBO Max today. It’s also the latest series to feature Jason Mantzoukas playing a character drawn to look eerily like him.
  • Shudder’s greatest contribution to the screen landscape may just be the now series of specials chronicling the meta-horror idea of bad juju on the set. This collection, Cursed Films II, looks at The Wizard of Oz, Rosemary’s Baby, Cannibal Holocaust and others. How could a film titled Cannibal Holocaust ever be haunted?! We just refuse to believe it! Huff!!
  • Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini has achieved significant international fame over the last 30 years, even if she is a relative unknown in the U.S. and UK. If you are a fan OR if you would like to know more about her rise to fame, check out Laura Pausini: Pleased to Meet You on Amazon Prime.
  • That sure is an unflattering picture up there, but it’s probably better than its subject deserves. Sure, Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator presents an easy target, but hey, engage in the rape of hundreds of teens and, well, here we are. Paramount+ accounts her misdeeds in Ghislaine – Partner in Crime. Now, maybe if we could also get comeuppance for a certain former President who loved how “young” their girls were and who also had 22 rape accusations leveled at him, we’ll be closer to achieving national karma.
  • Only Brazil would dare to host a country-wide contest of drag queens without involving RuPaul. Seriously, Queen Stars looks kind of awesome and it should be fun (if not a little confusing) to break out of the predictable RPDR template. It looks a bit closer to a Eurovision vibe and it’s on HBO Max.
  • Chef Cliff Crooks oversees the tightly run kitchen that generates episodes of the Food Network show Chef Boot Camp. He may need to tighten it up further given that for some reason season 2 is starting tonight with episode 7 if you believe the website.

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