What To Watch: 04/06/2022

A documentary about a celebrity who turned out to be one of Britain’s greatest monsters, a Korean drama about young women bonding, a long-running reality competition continues to simmer to a dangerous boil (as it was and as it always will be), and a martial arts savvy nomad continues to walk the land. That’s all on your screen tonight along with a new comedy special in Italian and the return of one of the (so) many gritty takes on nostalgic sources.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story [Netflix]
Has any celebrity’s reputation tanked as much (and beyond deservedly so) as the late comedian and presenter who was also known as one of the UK’s greatest philanthropists for his TV show Jim’ll Fix It on which Savile would encourage kids to write in with their problems. The sandy-haired, cigar-chomping former Top of the Pops host would publicly “solve” the kids problems, but in truth would wind up molesting many of them. Netflix looks at one of the darkest celebrity behind-the-scenes stories of all time.

Green Mothers’ Club [Netflix]
This South Korean drama follows a group of women who meet at their children’s elementary school. Sort of like the prequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Survivor [CBS, 8p]
Last week Tori once again managed to slide by at the tribal council, despite the fact that her name has been floated around since the beginning. Swati outplayed herself and was sent home. This week survivors will face new challenges. Will they manage to activate the three way elimination idol? Or will Maryanne be forced to make up an elaborate story about bunnies and mailboxes for the rest of her life? 

Kung Fu [The CW, 9p]
A new clue may help find Mia, but Russell Tan knows about so that puts Nicky and Henry in a race against the clock. The reboot’s second season has proven that there are more than one season in it and I’m pretty down to continue on this adventure.


  • Brothers Frank and Joe return to solve The Case of the Missing Classmate as The Hardy Boys returns for a second season on Hulu.
  • The latest reality TV attack on love… we mean showcase of lovers is The Ultimatum: Marry Me or Move On. The concept of the Netflix show is pretty much right there in the title.
  • A cop coerces her ex-boyfriend to influence a violent hate gang in Netflix’s Polish import thriller Furioza.
  • Standup Michela Giraud addresses many familiar observational tropes in her new Netflix special Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear! Or at least, we presume she does as it’s all in Italian.
  • We’ll close this out with TLC’s Body Parts which may sound like a horror flick, but is actually an uplifting effort for the network as people receive prosthetic limbs.

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