What To Watch: 04/08/2022

On what should naturally be called Streaming Friday (come on everybody), we’ve got the return of the enchanted tales of comic stripper Keef Knight and the sketch show featuring four of the funniest women in existence. We also get some answers for one of the most gripping new programs of 2022–while some facets will clearly remain unanswered given there WILL be a second season.

Woke [Hulu]
Lamorne Morris is back for season two. Now that the world thinks it’s “woke” (LMAO) can Keef bring change?

A Black Lady Sketch Show [HBO, 10p]
Laci Mosley departs as Skye Townsend–after recurring in the last season–joins Robin Thede, Ashley Nicole Black, and Gabrielle Dennis for the third season of one of the funniest shows on television. 

Metal Lords [Netflix]
If you’re in a modern day high school with two metal fans and you want to start a metal band… well the chips are stacked against you. The first challenge is getting enough other kids into metal to start a band. And thiss is the plot of Netflix’s new gentle comedy featuring humor, heart and killer riffs.

Rupaul’s Drag Race [VH1, 8p]
And then there were five! After a surprisingly successful roast episode, the bottom three queens battled in an Olivia Rodrigo lipsync where Daya Betty dominated in 11” heels. Jorgeous and Deja double sashayed away. This week the queens are performing in a new music video for a new Rupaul single. 


  • Their innies now outies, what chaos will ensue in the final episode of one of the most gripping thrillers on TV. Severance has pondered the meaning of existence and the banality of work and/or evil while also giving us the John Turturro-Christopher Walken romance we didn’t know we needed. We’re sad to see this rollercoaster of a season come to an end, but we’re also overjoyed to see that it was just renewed yesterday for a second season on Apple TV.
  • A mole is on the loose in the CIA in All the Old Knives–a euphemistic one, not an actual rodent as that would be a much different movie. The theatrical release is joined by a streaming one on Amazon Prime and that is why we mention it here. It stars Chris Pine, the beardiest of all the Pines.
  • Netflix has got the imports and that includes the Spanish teen drama Dancing on Glass which looks like it plans to be very popular in India given how many Hindi versions of the trailer there are. There’s also the Dutch dramedy Dirty Lines about brothers who create a telephone sex business in the 1970s. As you can bet, moustaches abound. Judging from its fifth season trailer, Spain’s Elite is about a bunch of sexy club kids who enjoy sitting on the neon couch from the “Ghostbusters” video.
  • While Laci Mosley might be leaving her sketch show, she will be returning for the reboot of iCarly on Paramount+ as new-ish friend to Miranda Cosgrove’s adult era Carly. The show with a nostalgic hold on ’00s kids is back for a second season today. Jerry Trainor and Nathan Cress also reprise their original series roles.
  • One of the most majestic disasters at sea still has a hold on the public 110 years later. The Tubi documentary Mysteries from the Grave: Titanic sends cameras down to the bottom of the ocean to return secrets more interesting than, say, an ancient necklace symbolizing a short-lived love affair.
  • We’ll close out the round-up in the LHV–aka the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex, another thing we’re trying to make happen. Lifetime Movie Network debuts Nightmare Neighborhood Moms… and if you think you know what this thriller is about, whoa, nelly… you’re, um, probably correct.

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