What To Watch: 03/04/2022

This Streaming Friday (we’re gonna keep pushing that name til it’s industry standard) follows a Thursday that was just insane, and while it’s not the busiest Friday in memory, it’s got a lot to offer including a superhero spinoff, a tribute to a comedy legend, an anticipated sci-fi movie, and a thrilling new miniseries.

Pieces of Her [Netflix]
A young woman learns that her mother is more than she ever imagined after they survive a mass shooting in a small diner. Her mother is played by Toni Collette, which is enough for me (though the theme, that our parents are more than they’ve told us, always intrigues!); others will be thrilled that this is the adaptation of the 2018 best selling novel of the same name.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical [Amazon Prime]
If you thought The Boys was extreme just wait until you see this animated spinoff. Voiced by the show’s cast, this anthology series will film in some holes and possible origins of our favorite characters with the same pull no punches fun we have come to expect from The Boys. I’m excited, are you?

Lucy and Desi [Amazon Prime]
This even-handed documentary looks at the original queen and king of TV comedy with a reverent eye, but with the understanding that the greats often lead flawed existences behind the screen. It even goes beyond what Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz created on the sitcom they created because they wanted more time together to the influence Desilu Studios had on the evolution of early television. It’s fitting given this doc’s director Amy Poehler is a modern comic genius who is as responsible as anyone for shows like Broad City and Russian Doll making it on air. It’s also a great selection of interviewees, including Bette Midler and Carol Burnett. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race [VH1, 8p]
There are eight queens left and somehow this is not the Snatch Game episode! Are we skipping it this season? I hope not. I’m very invested in the idea of Daya Betty playing as Crystal Methyd. This week the queens are participating in Dragcon panel discussions and Nicole Byer is here as the guest judge! 


  • From up-and-coming director Konogada (one name), After Yang explores the weird dilemma a family deals with in the aftermath of an android companion malfunctioning. Colin Ferrell stars as a heartbroken dad debating the ethics and humanity of repairing his daughter’s AI best friend. The reviews and buzz from film festivals has been palpable, and interestingly Showtime gets first dibs to introduce this ethereal, mystical sci-fi flick in America first.
  • Hulu debuts Fresh, another delightfully oddball film making hay on Rotten Tomatoes. Daisy Edgar-Jones is Noa, a young woman looking for love on all the wrong apps, before she meets Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier… we mean Sebastian Stan’s initially charming Steve, at a grocery store. Of course, he seems to be too good to be true, is, and that’s where it gets strange.
  • It’s a good looking day for streaming imports. The Italian movie The Invisible Thread balances drama and humor as it tells the coming-of-age story of aspiring documentarian teen with two loving dads as he navigates the wonders of the world. The Spanish series Lies and Deceit is much darker as a literature teacher tries to recover and get justice after being raped by a prominent surgeon. From the Netherlands, Meskina tracks the titular lead’s farcical look for love after a lifetime of being conditioned by rom-coms. Over on HBO Max, we’ve got Goyo: En Letra de Otro, a profile of the lead singer and songwriter for Colombian band ChocQuibTown, Gloria “Goyo” Martinez.
  • It’s a great time for animated series for adults and Central Park comes from one of the best in the biz. Loren Bouchard was part of the team that created both the cult classics Home Movies and the long-running Screen Scholars favorite Bob’s Burgers, and has the same quirky, affable, and musical heavy spirit of both. The second half of its second season starts on Apple TV today.
  • If you’re in the right mood for uplifting stories involving celebrities, Dear… would be the perfect pairing with that emotion. The Apple TV special features nine famous people, including Jane Fonda and Oprah, reading letters from fans about what a beacon of inspiration they have been. So, yeah, you probably have to be in the proper space of mind.
  • Speaking of moods, Lifetime brings us (via its movies-only network LMN) You Can Never Go Home Again. Lifetime, it’s Television for Stalker… we mean Women. Stalked Women.

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