What To Watch: 07/07/2021

What is this, a crossover episode? Disney’s absurd desire to combine its vast franchises hit peak ridiculousness with the silly, but often fun Once Upon a Time, where we half expected some re-imagined version of Kermit the Frog or Chewbacca to enter its cast. That said, we could not foresee a Marvel/Simpsons crossover, but that’s where we’re at–and dammit if we’re not excited for it. And it’s a big day for Disney as one of its original creations reappears in a new filmic creation.

The Good, the Bad, and the Loki [Disney+]
Can you think of any punishment worse for A god mischief than to be banished to Springfield and forced to deal with Bart Simpson? Well Loki is about to find out what that’s like in the new animated short streaming today on Disney+. My money is on Bart to come out ahead.

Monsters at Work [Disney+]
While I missed the Monsters Inc. phenomenon when it first came out (I attribute it to being in that in between age of college), I can’t help but be charmed by fuzzy creatures voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman (even if my affection for Crystal fizzled out shortly after City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold. Their third movie boasts a great supporting cast–including Hollywood’s nicest man, Henry Winkler–and I may just finally dive into this series now.


  • The tales of Sutton Foster’s 40-something mom who poses as someone 15 years younger to dip her toes back into the publishing industry (still such a depressing premise) ended its run on streaming (Paramount+) a few weeks ago. If you were waiting for Younger‘s seventh and final season to hit broadcast television, your time is now as the first episode airs tonight on TV Land.
  • Speaking of depressing premises, one of the longest running examples, Big Brother returns tonight on CBS, Joan Chen in tow, for its 23rd season.
  • Netflix has some truths about cats and dogs with two new series featuring our top two domestic pets. Cat People features feline fanciers both well-known and new-to-you, including the awesome Moshow who earned internet fame for his hip-hop serenades to his cats Ravioli, Sabbath, and others. For the dog lovers out there, Netflix offers the simply titled Dogs–which is actually returning for a second season and highlights everything from canine mascots to space pups.
  • AXS launches a challenge to Reelz as the station to be the Music Television that actually shows musical content with a pair of shows. If These Walls Could Rock boasts a striking title and a concept to match as bands pay tribute to their favorite performing venues. The genre-bending California band Vintage Trouble leads off with a biography of and performance at Charleston, South Carolina’s Old Brick Church. Meanwhile, Music’s Greatest Mysteries returns with new investigations of strange and pivotal moments in rock, soul, country and other formats’ history.
  • A cultly popular Polish series experiences a time jump from the ’80s to one decade hence in its second season as The Mire ’97 pops up on Netflix. The story involves a flood that unearths dangerous secrets from the WWII era.
  • The new Netflix Spanish import The War Next Door sets up a comedic family battle after one family wins a brand new house (in a wacky series of misadventures, of course) which just happens to be next to its bitter rivals.

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