What To Watch: 07/06/2021

It’s a quiet day for new content with one major exception as a comic who never quite found his performative voice on SNL (although he did have at least one unforgettable sketch) unfurls the second season of his darkly ingenious Netflix sketch show. There’s also a new episode of one of the best CW superhero shows.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson [Netflix]
To call Robinson’s comedy style cringe is an understatement, but his first bizarre set of intertwined dark sketches for Netflix– all inspired by the theme implied by the title–were among the most satisfying of the genre of the last five years. Robinson’s knack for taking one small concept and beating it into the ground until its somehow funny again is so uncanny that it’s a wonder that he never caught on at SNL where that sometimes feels their M.O. (minus the “funny again” part). Its awaited second season drops today and based on the trailer, guests include Bob Odenkirk, Patty Harrison, and fellow ex-SNL writer/cast member Mike O’Brien.

The Flash [The CW, 8p]
We are getting really close to the season finale. The Godspeed War is heating up and Barry and Iris must do what they have to to protect their children, Bart and XS. Viewers will see what readers of the comics have know for awhile. With speedsters (and Dom Toretto) the stories are best when it involves family.


  • C’mon Nat Geo, the way you’re cycling through new shark-based programming, people will think it’s Shark Week this week (it starts this Sunday). Tonight, we find the debut of the pugilistic-sounding special Orca vs. Great White.
  • For a less contentious non-human themed show, A&E brings us the debut of An Animal Saved My Life, which is pretty self-explanatory, but the trailer starts off with the hero cat who saved the kid on a tricycle that went viral a few years ago, so Screen Scholars approves.

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