What To Watch: 05/24/2021

Set out a flame for the latest CW superhero show to run its course, and it’s one of the channel’s best. The moody spandex-clad righteous avenger named Black Lightning bids us adieu today. Speaking of moody, we have a new British detective series featuring a windswept setting. And it’s also a happy Monday if you like watching the bakers bake.

Black Lightning [The CW, 9p]
After four seasons, the end is here. Tonight marks the series finale of one of the darker shows on the CW. It’s been a wild ride, but at the heart the journey has been about family. The Pierce family has faced gangs, hostile governments and high school and came out the other side stronger for it. We will miss you Pierce family, but won’t forget your example or the lessons you taught.

Best Baker in America [Food, 9p]
Tonight’s “Northern Plains” episode leaves out my preferred state of North Dakota but features two dishes you can definitely find there, kuchen (South Dakota’s official dessert) and scotcheroos (which are Special K bars with Rice Krispies instead of Special K flakes). The kuchen needs to be served with ice cream, which I’ll take a nod to all the sweet confection my NoDak family loves to share.

Whitstable Pearl [Acorn]
The latest in the non-detective solves crimes in a spectacular setting, this new Acorn arrival centers on restaurateur Pearl who looks into murders in the serene seaside town of Whitstable–well, it’s serene apart from its likely obscene violent crime rate. Of course, from the trailer, we can see there’s also a “real” detective who is both fond of and exhausted by the foibles of the amateur sleuth. My mocking aside, it looks fun.


  • Everything comes to a head on the other supernatural show that winds down this week–although there will likely be more seasons of Debris, although the series has yet to get the go-ahead for a second season. Our alien detritus hunters Bryan and Finola are in danger as a number of worlds collide, and just ask Inspiral Carpets what happens in that situation.
  • While its conceptual trailer is confusing, Netflix’s Korean import Mad For Each Other would seem to be the story of an angry detective who continually crosses the path of an eccentric woman. Are they destined for a weird romance? What do you think!
  • Unlike a certain Crazy Ex-Girlfriend song‘s singer, Lifetime’s self-professed Woman In Entertainment: The Next Generation looks genuinely helpful, featuring an impressive array of talented women repping for giving young girls the best chance to succeed. Women involved include Kathryn Hahn, Anna Kendrick and Sara Bareilles. As for Bareilles, if you haven’t checked out Girls5eva, go and do that now because she gives a career changing performance in the lead.

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