What To Watch: 04/14/2021

Jamie Foxx returns to television today, so someone needs to wake webmaster Pitt to remove him from the official A-List–or does it not count if it’s streaming (even if its a standard sitcom… so many layers). We’re also stanning a Korean drama, a legendary newsman, and one of MTV’s longest running contests–challenges, if you will.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me [Netflix]
Between Jamie Foxx doing multiple characters and its overall tone, no one should be surprised that this new Netflix sitcom was created by a showrunner for Martin (Bentley Kyle Evans). This one could really go either way, but going back to the days when he was one of the funniest parts of In Living Color, through his days as an Academy Award-winning A-list movie star, Foxx is always worth giving a shot on film. Hell, I’d still remember him for his turn in the basic, but underrated action flick, Collateral

Law School [Netflix]
This Korean drama is reminiscent of How to Get Away with Murder: A tough professor and his ambitious students are challenged when a grim event occurs at their prestigious school.

The Big Interview with Dan Rather [Axios]
This important program returns tonight as Dan interviews Lady A. I’m sure the name change will come up. Even if he hits on hot button topics, Dan will come across as a lovable old man truly curious about history and the creative process. 

The Challenge [MTV, 8p]
After a predictable victory for Fessy (why does he keep getting eliminations that are built for him? I can’t be the only one who wanted to see him swinging around in a harness in the air), we are down to  the final four teams! TJ says it’s time for the final, but not every team will make it to day two. They all seem convinced that they will be running this final with their current partners, but I’m ready for some last minute twists. 


  • The American version of the evil social experiment known as The Circle comes back for a second season–and brings with it some of the strangest strategy around. Seriously, this show is either a convoluted piece of junk that perpetuates some of the worst side of our humanity, or it’s a brilliant 5d-chess level puzzle that perfectly tweaks our foibles in the digital age. Decide for yourself on Netflix.
  • Relive the 2008 Olympic Games with the greatest swimmer of all time (but hopefully without reliving his SNL hosting later that year) with Peacock’s Michael Phelps: Medals, Memories & More. Take our assertion of his status with a grain of salt, because that grain of salt might know more about copetitive swimming than we do.
  • Discovery+ brings back the Science Channel’s Expedition X where the hosts use science to go on quests to recreate famous moments in history and fiction. Its companion show, Josh Gates Tonight also pops onto the streaming service.
  • The new Netflix doc Why Did You Kill Me? looks into the 2006 murder of Crystal Theobald from the angle of her understandably vengeful mother. She uses MySpace (it is 2006 after all) to hunt down those she suspects of murdering her daughter in cold blood after a car chase. After she finds them, there will certainly be a twist (as now is 2021, do the math!). Let’s just say there’s a line uttered by Crystal’s friend in the trailer “making someone fall in love online with someone who is dead is not a good feeling inside.”
  • Oxygen looks into one of the more chilling forgotten sides of psychopaths: what is it like to find out someone you love is an actual murderous monster. The aptly-named Living with a Serial Killer debuts tonight.
  • HGTV’s newest reality show does the home renovation genre one better by having its skilled hosts, actual couple Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, re-do one street of a village, town or city on Bargain Block.

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