What To Watch: 04/15/2021

There’s a lot of moving to streaming (do we need to add Streaming Thursday to the mix), led by a surprisingly long running show starring Sutton Foster that comes back for a 7th season. On a similar note, if an AMC show starts on streaming–and is a period piece–is it double prestige? We’ll not find out tonight, but you as a viewer do have many options, most of them good!

Younger [Paramount+/Hulu]
Liza has kept Charles (and us) waiting for an answer to his proposal for 19 months. Finally, we get an answer in the seventh and final season of the show I relate to more than I care to admit.  The “will they or won’t they” tension has been the crux of the series since the beginning. Now, pandemic be damned, we will get the ending and the closure we deserve. We also  check in on Josh and Clare as new parents while a Diana-less office potentially leaves big shoes for Lauren to fill. I’m not ready to totally say goodbye to Darren Star’s latest ode to NYC (or Diana’s accessories) so I’ll just say see you later. 

Spy City [AMC+]
Dominic Cooper, best known for playing the guy who thought up the wire in The Wire, travels more dangerous streets. This time he’s in Cold War Berlin as possibly a double-agent or triple-agent–or maybe the trick is that he’s just a single-agent. Twist. In any case, it looks slick and period and they say all the right things for this sort of thriller.

Cake [FXX, 10p]
Cake that quirky anthology series hits tonight. Themes of this season definitely deal with social media and technology. Kind of an ok computer from the lens of basement dwelling lovable technophobes. It’s a fun ride.

Top Chef: Challenge [Bravo, 8p]
We are two episodes into this season and I am already very invested! This week Top Chef Alums Gregory Gourdet and Kwame Onwuachi are taking the chefs out around Portland to sample Pan African cuisine. I am excited to see where they go and what they cook! 


  • The Banishing is Shudder’s version of a period piece–set in 1940s London–as Downton Abbey‘s Jessica Brown Findlay (that’s Lady Sybil to you) moves with her husband and daughter into a house where a secret murder took place years earlier. Its ghosts will not leave her kid alone in this thriller from acclaimed genre director Chris Smith.
  • It’s a different sort of horror fueling Netflix’s Japanese import Ride or Die, where the two lead women are living that title both metaphorically and literally as they stand by each other while taking to the road to escape a violent home.
  • Two young aspiring musicians board a train for a gig only to stumble upon a portal to another train, the Infinity Train of its title, that transports them to a mystical, but spooky dimension which would seem to include a weird talking bell. It’s actually the fourth and final series of the animated anthology and while it’s listed as family, being that it’s from the maker of Regular Show and the tone of the trailer itself, the HBO Max show could hold some appeal for adults as well.
  • The Mark Wahlberg path to fame was your regular ol’ arc. First score a number one hit with a cheesy dance song and a dopey name. A few years later, pop up in serious films and suddenly find yourself on cinematic acting’s A-list. Then create a hamburger chain with your brothers, including a brother who was in the most famous boy band ever and a character actor at the heart of one of movie history’s most famous twists. Then do a reality show about said burger joint. What star didn’t take that path. The HBO Max hagiography… we mean, documentary, Wahl Street chronicles the crazy life of this unlikely superstar. Say hello to your mothers for us, alright!
  • Stripper turned strip club… owner(?) Joseline Hernandez moves from the Zeus Network (which we’re not sure what it is) to WE with Joseline’s Cabaret: Miami.

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