What To Watch: 04/13/2021

It’s a great day for you if you enjoy learning about the true nature of small towns and/or love, if you enjoy bikers, gadgets, Martha Stewart, or drama. You are now assigned to watch everything below, so you best hop to it!

Our Towns [HBO, 9p]
Excellent journalists James and Deborah Fallows have spent much of the last five years traveling around America trying to divine what it is that makes Americans fall in love with their own municipality even when they have almost entirely given up on the country at large. This documentary focuses on eight small towns and digs into what makes them different and what ties them together. 

My Love: Six Stories of True Love [Netflix]
This Netflix series, inspired by Korea’s My Love, Don’t Cross That River, follows six elderly couples around the world from one year. 

Mayans MC [FX, 10p]
Coco got away with the kilo–but what will happen when the club finds out? So far this season Coco’s story has been the most compelling and it’s the story line I am most curious to what happens next. It took a bit, but this little show is firing on all cylinders.


  • Minus a few characters who did not make it past the mid-season finale, Big Sky with all its complex mysteries returns for a double shot on ABC.
  • It’s a big return day for network shows as they line up to reach climax during the May sweeps–which would appear to still be a thing. Fox has two of these. On The Resident the fight to save a baby turns out to be a personal battle. Michael Sheen’s murderous Martin has a new friend on Prodigal Son and if you enjoy Sheen as a crazy person, check out his turn as a different sort of mad–as a version of himself on Staged on Hulu, where both its seasons are available.
  • Marques Brownlee gets another (second) season on YouTube to talk about how we viewed the future in the past (and how we do now) on Retro Tech. And this year’s he brings in the big guns–your Neil DeGrasse Tysons, your Bill Gateseses, your Michaels Ian Black.
  • In the land where every day is a very special episode, get your hankies out because Kevin is visiting Randall in Philadelphia on NBC’s tentpole–This Is Us.
  • We like to think that the special season of a certain cooking show, Chopped: Martha Rules is just an overzealous Martha Quinn stan who never left the 1980s and wants us to know her true feelings about the original MTV VJ. As it stands, it’s just a standard crossover event with Snoop Dogg bestie Martha Stewart taking the reins of the popular cooking competition on Food Network.

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