What To Watch: 03/10/2020

We’re eschewing the fiction for this edition of Wednesday WtW as we suggest for your viewing pleasure one standup show from a veteran of the game and two very different documentaries.

Marc Maron: End Times Fun [Netflix]
Times are scary right now – the news is depressing and pasta is nowhere to be found. What better way to distract ourselves then with my fave neurotic comedian? Marc Maron returns to Netflix with a new comedy special End Times Fun, which tackles everything from climate change to brand marketing to how fascism works. In these turbulent times we might as well laugh/rant together to keep from crying.

Meghan Markle: Escaping The Crown [Vice TV]
This documentary examines the breakdown of Meghan and Harry’s relationship with the Royal Family. Because it is on Vice, expect an edgier and, dare I say it, punk rock take on the story that’s been fodder for the tabloids for months.

Women Of Troy [HBO, 9p]
The USC team nickname is the Trojans, hence the women’s team could be called the Trojan Women — or, well, the title of this documentary, not coincidentally about the dominant 1980s USC Trojans Women’s Basketball Team.



  • It’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch for children as that global traveler who never has the common decency to let anybody know just where in the world she is running off to returns in Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not To Steal, a Choose Your Own Adventure aimed at a generation way too young to remember CYOAs. It’s also on Netflix.
  • Over on The CW DC heroes night, we’ve got The Flash, where Kid Flash makes his return to Central City and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which mishmoshes a bunch of things together from date nights to deals to negative literary press {no, really}, and it all just may be tied together by a Mr. Rogers parody?!
  • And on This Is Us, the Pearsons are going to New York City!! It will most likely end in tears. It generally does. It’s on the Peacock (aka NBC).

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