What To Watch: 03/09/2020

We’re definitely traveling off the beaten network path for today’s new shows, starting off with a promising British thriller that is only [readily] available on the systems of Spectrum subscribers.

Temple [Spectrum]
Irish Playwright Mark O’Rowe’s first foray into television is part how-far-would-you-go, part fast-paced conspiracy, part high-energy Guy Ritchie-esque heist. A surgeon does undercover (and literally underground — as he does it in the London Underground) health care in search of a cure for his wife’s malady.

Spring Baking Championship [Food, 9p]
Clinton Kelly and 11 bakers are back for season six! Tonight they usher in spring by baking “perfectly patterned fruits-of-spring tarts.”

Cosmos: Possible Worlds [Nat Geo, 8p]
The venerable astronomy program once hosted by Carl Sagan is back! Neil De Grasse Tyson hosts. He’s sure to be a good guide through the wonders of the universe. This season is called Possible Worlds so it’s sure to spark your imagination and teach you. A lot.



  • The darkness returns as Blood‘s second series hits Acorn TV. It’s the story of an old man who is forgiven by everyone when his wife mysteriously dies — except for his daughter, who is convinced it was no accident.

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