What To Watch: 03/03/2019

It’s a full Sunday night, led by the return of those (semi-)reluctant crime bosses played by Retta, Christina Hendricks, and Mae Whitburn!

Good Girls [NBC, 10p]
Good Girls is back tonight, and the three women are back to old schemes and new tricks. (I think.) Has anyone ever rooted so hard for women to break the law as these three? (No.) Get it, ladies.

High Maintenance [HBO, 10:30p]
It’s a tiny interaction, but the moment between the bodega guy and the new-to-the-city construction worker in this week’s promo is so sweet and evocative of the best this atmospheric half-anthology can be. Meanwhile, in the serial part, The Guy goes a-courtin’ with his new gal (played by Britt Lower) who was apparently at the center of some scandal.

Charmed [The CW, 9p]
Where we left off, Maggie had just discovered that her “darkness” is demonic. She was resurrected with demon blood! She makes a bold decision and goes to her boss/Parker’s mother to promise help with her experiments in exchange for a cure, which she is already in the process of creating for Parker. This seems like a bad idea but we’ll have to see. This week the charmed ones face a new demon with big manic pixie energy.



  • As much as we pretty much all love Michael Jackson’s jams, his death a bit less than a decade ago at age 50 does not change the fact that he left a lot of unanswered questions vis a vis possible child abuse. HBO is airing the first part of the controversial but powerful two-part documentary Leaving Neverland tonight, which does not show MJ in the best of light.
  • Later on HBO, Pete Holmes’ semi-fictional Crashing Pete questions his entire life as he buries himself into Christian tour life and hides from his girlfriend.
  • Over on ABC, they are taking the reboot nature of American Idol serious as apparently they are calling tonight’s return the beginning of the second season (I know, I dropped my Tamagotchi too). Oh well, it is audition time — so being the awful humanity we are, we’re all on the watch for America’s next William Hung or Pants On The Ground.
  • Louise wins a contest to become principal. It’s sitcom “gold,” but since it’s Bob’s Burgers, we forgive them.
  • On Showtime’s brilliantly funny Black Monday, it’s 122 days til our principals cause the 1987 economic crash, but they don’t know. The doomed tie pin seen in the opening suicide has now been attached to four different people (it’s now with Paul Scheer’s closeted Keith).

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