What To Watch: 03/02/2019

It’s Lifetime (and Lifetime-esque) movies and SNL tonight, but they are top-level ones.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Some of SNL’s best hosts are stand-ups, and when you add to that mix the fact that this week’s host, in his second go around, is a former writer, hopes should be high. I rarely hope for a repeated sketch, but I would not mind a reprisal of the ridiculous “Diner Lobster,” just to see where the hell they would go with it.



  • A woman rents out the bottom half of her house, but doesn’t she know she’s in a Lifetime movie and of course he’s going to become obsessed and stalk, maybe try to kill, her … and probably the latter, given its title, The Killer Downstairs.
  • Over on Hallmark, tonight’s fare (if title is indication) is much lighter as Just Add Romance features a suitor whose advances our protagonists actually welcome. Their meet-cute is apparently a fictional cooking competition show, and stars Meaghann Fagy and Luke Macfarlane are adorable on the website.

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