What to Watch: 10/01/2018

It’s actually happening. We are recommending two CBS shows. What’s next? Will we offer you pieces of ribbon candy? Complain about the thermostat? Make corny, self-effacing jokes?

The Neighborhood [CBS, 8p]
While I’m not particularly enamored with the premise (its supposed subversion don’t seem to far from the racist shows pitched by Zach Creggen in this memorable WKUK sketch), its two leads are some of the best in the biz. We’ll see what tone it strikes.

Happy Together [CBS, 8:30p]
A nice couple’s(?) life is disturbed when a white pop star takes shelter in their suburban home. It doesn’t sound like a premise that can last a full season, but we’re just happy to have TK and TK on air.

Better Call Saul [AMC, 9p]
Jimmy and Kim try to unburden themselves which might make us wonder if their relationship can survive it. Meanwhile Mike has a reason to worry.

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
Yes. This is still happening. Part three of the blind auditions!



  • Hip-hop couple Remy Ma and Papoose welcome their children in the second season of their Love & Hip-Hop spin-off, this year titled Remy & Papoose: Meet The Mackies. It’s on VH1, because where else?
  • Not sure when Discovery became all about learning about cars, but the transformation continues with the gearhead gameshow Brake Room.

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