What to Watch: 10/02/2018

It’s a definite post-rush off-the-beaten-path kind of day for viewing and our choices reflect that as beyond the latest episode of the new Sons Of Anarchy spin-off, we recommend a cooking show, an academic sports doc, and a 76-year-old silver screen comedy.

Mayans M.C. [FX, 10p]
Thunderbird contacts a mutant lawyer to help find the Inner Circle. Lauren and Andy have a shared dream.. The Hellfire Club gets more sinister.

Student Athlete [HBO, 10p]
A couple years ago, HBO host John Oliver used one of his patented deep dives to examine the twisted world of college athletics. Tonight, the network dives even deeper as it airs this Lebron James-produced documentary that takes the exploitative nature of the NCAA to task with profiles of four athletes’ struggles to navigate the lucrative-for-universities, yet unpaid college sports.

Chopped [Food, 9p]
Tonight Martha Stewart joins the judging table for a Halloween themed basket. Here’s hoping for some real spooky ingredients.

My Gal Sal [TCM, 11p]
It’s on a little later than what we recommend, but instead of Fallon’s Trump impression after the news, give this 1942 biographical comedy starring Rita Hayworth a try, won’t you? Hayworth is singer Sally Elliott, who falls in love with “Tin Pan Alley sensation” Paul Dresser (Victor Mature). It’s quaint as heck, and likely to end happier than any of the three A Star Is Born-s, and isn’t that enough? Bonus trivia: Fox snatched this film for $50,000 for its biggest star, Alice Faye, who demurred because she was tired of filming musicals (can you imagine?!) allowing Hayworth to step in.



  • While Joe Rogan can be a bit too much of a Trump apologist for our tastes (even if he denies it), he can be quite funny at his best. His Netflix special Joe Rogan: Strange Times debuts today.
  • FBI hits close to our home in the CBS procedural’s second episode as the investigation revolves around a poisoning that kills eight people who ate at the same NY deli.
  • It’s never a great sign when a half-hour comedy goes to two-a-days, as is the case with TBS’ vastly uneven, but often insanely funny parody Wrecked. This season has the remaining island dwellers cast as the world’s most dangerous(?) game to a legion of ultra-rich sadists.
  • It’s college decision day (in flashback) for the This Is Us triplets on the NBC money maker.
  • For some reason it’s wowee-we-have-a-lot-of-children night in reality land with Sweet Home Sextuplets on TLC and 13 Sons & Pregnant on Lifetime.

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