What to Watch: 02/21/2018

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the snow is falling: Summer is here. Seriously, it’s 80 today in NYC. We’re hotter than a donkey’s earlobe, which is something that people say, we’re pretty sure, but we’re pretty delirious from the February heat. It’s one of the quietest days of television, but we’ve panned some gold beneath the surface.


Schitt’s Creek [IFC, 8p]
I’m simply delighted that this semi-secret Canadian comedy is still going for a fourth season on IFC. The adorably awkward (and gentle) courting of David and his Rose Apothecary business partner Patrick Brewer has been a unique delight. A Moira Rose episode tonight is a plus. A mistaken report of her death: now that’s the makings of a door-slamming farce.

Corporate [Comedy, 10p]
The gang is trapped in a brainstorming meting without their phones. How will they deal with this torture? Tune in and find out.

Nature [PBS, 8p]
Meet Sudan, the world’s last male white rhino, under guarded protection 24 hours a day. PBS’ long-running show presents the preservationists who hope to conserve a very endangered species.



  • Magicians gonna magich, and so it goes on Syfy’s popular supernatural show. Tonight, Margo battles the Fairy Queen.
  • Netflix debuts Korean psychological thriller Forgotten, about an amnesiac whose brother attempts to unravel the mystery of the former’s lost 19 days.
  • Soohorang saw her (his?!?) shadow, so that means five more days of Olympics. I miss Coily … anyone remember Coily? Tonight’s schedule features a lot of people going really fast on snow and ice, and if anything gets in their way, turning.


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