What to Watch: 02/22/2018

In this age of Peak TV, is there such a thing as too much TV? It’s not exactly our business model to say “yes,” but we present to you the new-ish TLC series Dr. Pimple Popper and we’ll just leave it there. Today’s WtW spans the USA from Nashville to Portland, features Betty Boop alongside real-life humans named Tickle and Suge and Dot City K-Aus … and, of course, the aforementioned Dr. Popper.

Nashville [CMT, 10p]
Avery’s band is invited to late night, and we can all agree–and I haven’t seen this season at all!–that he’ll find a way to muck this up.

Portlandia [IFC, 10p]
Fred and Carrie prepare for a natural disaster – Sandra discovers that she can have it all. Oh the lovable oddballs of Portlandia.

60 Days In [A&E, 10p]
Jail-life porn cloaked in the guise of Scared Straight formatting is not my usual cup of toilet wine, but the title of this week’s episode of the A&E program where regular Joes go undercover as convicts for a couple months had me at “Nachos, Strippers, and Whippit.”



  • Remember Tickle above–well, he’s gonna risk it all tonight on Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, If you want to find out what “it” is, tune on in.
  • If you’re jonesin’ for some football so hard that Hank Williams, Jr., is telling you pull it back a notch, your salvation may come in the form of Disney’s Madden NFL 18 Ultimate League as xBox experts like Echo Joke Fox and Dot City K-Aus square off to win a virtual championship for a real 100K.
  • Norway’s in the medal lead at this year’s Winter Olympics as is no surprise as they have owned every fourth year (with one two year gap that gave us the events of I, Tonya) since Pierre de Courbetin (and the best pre-Ron Swanson moustache) brought the collection of Ancient Greek feats of strength back in 1896. Tonight’s events (feats) include figure skating, skiing, and something called “Nordic Combined” (which we can probably just give to the Norwegians, no?).
  • And there is indeed a TLC program called Dr. Pimple Popper (click for the trailer at your own risk) and that’s all I’m gonna say about that one. Goodnight!

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