What to Watch: 02/20/2018

It’s fitting coming out of the historic Black Panther opening weekend that television is loaded with civil rights triumphs and tribulations. So, of course, we are leading with a British historical thriller from the 19th Century. It doesn’t change the feeling of change in the air (and on the air), after a year of frustrating backsliding. We’re also very big on “chronicles” today–particularly if your show has it in its title.

The Frankenstein Chronicles [Netflix]
Ned Stark resurrects, but in another surreal universe, as Sean Bean stars as 19th Century British Inspector John Marlott, who has a gruesome case fall in his lap. This program has already seen two seasons across the pond; however, a bit of a muck up at A&E held it up here, thus we now have two seasons available to binge today on Netflix.

Death Row Chronicles [BET, 10p]
You’ve seen Straight Outta Compton; now BET is continuing the journey behind-the-scenes of one of the most notorious record labels with this docu-seriesThe three-part series will explore not only the controversy surrounding the label, but also share never before seen archival footage and eyewitness accounts of Tupac’s murder. A must see for anyone that grew up in the NWA/G-Funk era.

Baskets [FX, 10p]
Will Bakersfield’s saddest clown be cheered by the city’s new frozen yogurt machine? There’s only one way to find out.

2018 Winter Olympics [NBC, 8p]
It’s women’s short program for figure skating (woo, Mirai!) and men’s big air–so basically the “niche” medals that thrill me the most.



  • Great title, truly beautiful concept–if you’re high off Black Panther‘s brilliance, top it off with the fifth installment of We’ll Meet Again as PBS’ reunion show brings back together heroes from 1964’s Freedom Summer.
  • TV’s most famous clone (and perhaps improv’s best secret talent) Tatiana Maslany joins the Drunk History folks on Comedy Central for an episode whose theme is civil rights
  • It’s followed on CC by a grand masquerade ball tonight featuring the Bellacourt sisters on Comedy Central’s Another Period. Meanwhile, a power balance is afoot downstairs.
  • We’re pretty giddy here at the return of Lifetime’s stunning behind-the-Bachelor-scenes scripted drama, UnREAL. How deep into the ethical gutter will showrunner Rachel go, and how about her precarious “relationship” (if ever there were a use for scare quotes) with twisted reality show lifer Quinn? Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer need to win all the Emmys! While UnREAL‘s third season doesn’t start til next week, you can dive in with a brief overview tonight.

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